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We’re literally always hiring, it’s kind of our thing.

Naturally, we’re always looking for great people to join our internal team, and we’re not afraid to call dibs. We want dedicated, dependable, positive people who share our passion and desire to change lives every single day. We hire the best of the best. Some might even say we’re professional unicorn-finders, or just really good at our jobs …

At Premier, we’re all about a “no-Sunday-scaries” work-life -balance. We want our people happy, healthy, and motivated. We work hard so we can play hard. We understand that life’s not all about the 9-5, but it sure doesn’t hurt to love your job. After all, that’s why we do what we do.

Where can you sign up? We thought you’d never ask. Slide *your resume* into our DMs and let us know why you think you’re the perfect fit to work at Premier! We consider all of our candidates for any current internal openings, so applying to work at Premier is as easy as, well, applying to work with Premier! Register here today!

Questions? We’re here to help.

Internal Benefits

Employer Paid Health Insurance

  • Medical (partial)
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Supplemental STD/LTD, Life, Disability
  • EAP
  • Benefits Consultant

Internal Perks & Rewards

  • Qrtly Company Social Events
  • $50/mo Wellness or Commuter Benefit or Student Loan Repayment
  • CarTelligent Auto‐Broker Discount
  • Weekly Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks
  • Mobile Phone Stipend

Paid Vacation and Time Off

  • Paid Flexible Time Off – Exempt
  • Paid Vacation – Non-Exempt
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Bereavement Leave

Financial and Retirement

  • 401k + employer matching
  • Potential Performance Bonus
  • SoFi (Student Loan Refinancing)

Family and Parenting

  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Maternity & Paternity Leave

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Internal Benefits Portal

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265 days and ​192 days.

That’s how long it’s been since Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were murdered. That’s how long their families have had to endure without their presence.

Since then, it’s safe to say that the “justice” we have seen has not been proportionate to the damage done. 

The officers who killed Breonna Taylor, Brett Hankinson, Miles Cosgrove, and Jon Mattingly have not had to answer for their part in Breonna’s untimely death. The little price they have had to pay has involved administrative leave or an elimination of their positions. The only slight (and we mean slight) exception involved Hankinson, who was charged with Wanton Endangerment (property damage) for shooting into neighboring apartments.

The officers who killed George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao, are awaiting their trial in Spring 2021, where they will stand trial together for their various charges. And so, we wait.

As close out the year with so much going on in the world around us, we want to make space for George & Breonna, and recognize even more profoundly how we need to move forward in their memory.

Write to your representatives. Donate to and follow @ColorOfChange. Have tough conversations with your families and friends. Organize with your community. Watch out for one another. Do whatever feels the most impactful​​​.

But most of all, we ask that you keep your foot on the ga​s, and don't let George & Breonna don't fade away as hashtags in our collective conscious.

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Introducing, Ajna 🧿 You’ve all seen us talk about #Ajna, so we figured it’s about time to let you in on our little (not-so-hidden) secret!

Ajna, is an intuitive, unbiased, algorithm-driven proprietary talent platform that matches candidates with our clients’ open jobs based solely on: skills & experience, and culture & values. Ajna, paired with our exceptional white-glove service, has added massive value to the hiring process for all involved. 

Ghosting? Never heard of it. Implicit bias? Not on our watch! Ease of use? Unmatched! And that's not all - just wait until we unveil everything else Ajna has in store.

We could tell you about how great Ajna is all day if you’ll let us! But, the best way to truly experience all Ajna has to offer is to use it for yourself. 

To get started as a job seeker or someone looking to make their next dream-hire, head to the link in our bio titled “Ajna Landing Page”!

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Just in case no one's told ya lately ✨

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Today is #GivingTuesday and we're kicking it off with an opportunity to protect yourself and others, while giving back! 

We have designed incredibly comfortable, durable, Premier branded face-masks that we will be selling throughout the month of December. All profits will be donated to help support @RealOptionsForCityKids' incredible mission to help nurture the development of children within our community.

Let’s “face” it, masks will be part of our wardrobe for the foreseeable future, you’re going to have to buy more. Might as well purchase a few more with the knowledge that your money is going to a good cause! 

Masks are $10/each and shipping is FREE! If you're interested in purchasing a mask or 5, we've added a link to our bio titled "Premier Face-Mask Fundraiser" 😷 Thank you!

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While you sip your morning coffee, make sure to check out this weeks' list of #PremierHotJobs! Link in bio ☕

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Saturday-after-Thanksgiving-mood ✨

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If you've been feeling that itch for something new, let's chat! We can help optimize your career search and help you land your dream job! DM us or head to the link in our bio and register in our system to get started 📱

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All of these things will pay off and help you end the year on a high note:

1️⃣ Set aside time to take care of holiday errands so they don’t distract you during your workday

2️⃣ Try to avoid multitasking - focus on wrapping up (pun intended) your current projects/any other loose ends, one thing at a time

3️⃣ Make a “don’t forget” list for anything that might pop into your mind in the last months of the year that you can’t tend to in the moment. This way, you don’t have to tackle everything at once and you make sure that nothing slips through the cracks

4️⃣ Set mini-goals for yourself or schedule brief time-blocks to check everything off your to-do list without it feeling overwhelming

5️⃣ Take care of yourself! Make sure that you are getting appropriate amounts of sleep, get up and move as much as possible, and, despite all the holiday goodies around, try to eat a balanced diet

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We would like a word with whoever made us all think that hiring stops during the holidays. It doesn’t! 

If you’re putting off your job search with the expectation to pick it back up in the new year - don’t! Start now. Your future self will thank you 🔑