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Marketing Associate

Job Seekers: Considering a job in Marketing? Check out our hiring process. Read about our benefits, and if you’re ready – apply today.

Ready to work with a staffing agency to find your job as a Marketing Associate? Read below to learn what happens after you connect with our team.


Step 1: Contact our Offices

Job seekers looking for Marketing jobs can begin the process by reaching out to one of our offices. We receive many requests for Marketing jobs, and can support you as a vehicle for contract or direct hire employment.

Step 2: Meet our Team of Staffing Specialists

If you want to join a team of Marketing staff, we’ll create profiles for you based on your job experience and expected timeline to begin matching you with available jobs.

How Can We Help?

Step 3: Connecting with New Opportunities

Compared to permanent staffing, finding contract-to-hire Marketing jobs will enable us to potentially find available positions within a shortened timeframe. Assessing skill sets and work history will help us determine whether to schedule an interview.

Step 4: Interviewing with Hiring Managers

During these interviews, you’ll have the opportunity to screen and convince hiring managers of the benefits of working with you. 

Step 5: Negotiating & Screening

If the employer expresses interest in working with you, your staffing specialist will work with you to negotiate a salary. 

Step 6: The First Day

You’ve done it! Premier Talent Partners will make sure you completed the drug screens and background check process. At this point, you will start working with your new employer.