How to Negotiate Working Remotely

You have finally achieved peak productivity in your remote office…just as your boss wants you to return to full-time, in-person work.All is not lost.Although the near-overnight shift to remote work wasn’t without its challenges, its benefits have become apparent to many employers. If you make a strong enough case, you may be able to negotiate working from home even if your employer initially wants everyone to return to the office.

How Can You Negotiate Working From Home?

Consider these tips for preparing yourself to negotiate.Define your working goals. Before you make your case to your boss, consider what you need to be happy. Are you willing to compromise and accept a hybrid schedule? Or will you only be satisfied with a fully remote schedule? Knowing your needs will help you articulate them to your boss.Write a proposal. Show your professionalism by putting your request in writing. Your boss likely has a lot on their mind and may not be as aware of your accomplishments during the last two years as you are. Be ready with data to back up the fact that you get more done in your preferred work environment. Remember—you and your boss have the same goal: getting great work done. If you prove you’re more efficient, productive, and engaged while working remotely, they may be more willing to consider your request. Include information such as:

  • Your preferred work-at-home days and hours
  • How you will communicate with in-office colleagues
  • The potential impact on clients, co-workers, and supervisors, and how you plan to lessen possible challenges

Ask for a meeting. Request a mutually convenient time to discuss work-from-home options with your supervisor. Present the evidence in terms of how it benefits the team, the company, and you.Be Flexible. Although the pandemic necessitated a rapid shift to remote work, your employer may not be ready to make it a permanent option. If you encounter resistance, perhaps you can agree to a trial period. Ask to revisit the possibility of permanent remote work at a future date, and get that promise in writing, just in case there’s a change in management. Now that you’ve made your desire known, perhaps your boss will remain alert to your exemplary job performance. Meanwhile, continue documenting your wins so you can present quantitative productivity data at the end of your trial period.Explore Other Opportunities. If not working remotely is a deal-breaker for you and your employer isn't willing to consider it, it may be time to explore other work options to meet your needs.Looking for a better job? Premier Talent Partners offers many competitive benefits, including roles with remote flexibility. Learn more about how we can improve your work life today!

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