Remote Work Culture: Maintaining a Positive Workplace

Employers who have not embraced the necessity of actively building a positive work culture will continue to lose employees in 2022. The pandemic changed the way many people feel about their work. The extended period of isolation and disconnection created two competing desires in the workforce:

  • Schedule flexibility and remote work options
  • Greater connection with a positive company culture

To remain competitive, smart employers need to find a way to allow workers more flexibility and the option to work remotely while also creating opportunities to build connections and a sense of belonging within the organization.

Create Spaces for Personal Connection

One of the most challenging aspects of remote work is that it takes effort—and sometimes bravery—to get to know your co-workers. Communication and trust is built through small instances of interaction that help build a team that can accomplish more together. In the absence of physical interaction, organizations must find ways to create virtual spaces for connection to give employees the chance to get to know each other. Once these personal connections are built, employees feel more comfortable reaching out when a work problem arises and feel a greater sense of belonging, both leading to a more positive employee experience.In the remote work world, it’s easy to remain siloed and difficult to bridge the divide created by physical distance. Consider these ways to create the opportunity for personal connection in your organization:

  • Use a virtual platform to pair employees one-on-one or in small break-out rooms for informal, non-work-related chats. Encourage employees to opt-in to discuss topics like personal interests, hobbies, and career goals.
  • Encourage employees to share their positive experiences during those chats to promote awareness of the events.
  • Host company-wide happy hour or coffee break to share news from leadership and provide an opportunity for employees to see and hear from colleagues they don’t often encounter.
  • Create a company “watercooler” channel where employees can connect. Ask questions or pose topics that engage and inspire a response. For example: “Book or movie?” or “What’s your theme song?”
  • Ask leadership to make frequent, intentional efforts to connect with team members, engage them in meaningful discussion about work, and affirm their value to the company.

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