7 Common Challenges Startups Face

Growth grinds to a halt when hiring feels like an insurmountable obstacle.… Joining forces with Premier Talent Partners means enabling your hiring teams to function at an optimal capacity while securing top talent, without the tedious legwork. Removing the primary hiring burden from your internal team will give you an edge and allow you to quickly, and confidently, scale your organization. Keep reading to understand some common challenges faced by freshly funded startups and how Premier can step in to help.


What Kind Of Tree Are You Growing?

Establishing and clearly communicating your brand can help your company attract the top talent you need for healthy and sustained growth. Candidates should be able to see what kind of tree you are growing to decide if they want to join your forest.

  • Willow represents flexibility, and adaptability, shown by its ability to bend without breaking.
  • Oak is known for strength; With deep roots and a powerful trunk, it can weather any storm.
  • Bamboo is famous for its rapid growth – left unchecked, it is almost impossible to control – but strong as maple.

Why Is It Essential To Identify And Promote Your Brand As An Employer?

Clear branding can attract and retain candidates who are the right fit for your company.

  • Increase application rates.
  • Fill open positions faster and more accurately.
  • Develop a better company culture.
  • Differentiate your company from competitors.

Branding can help you find the perfect fit, increase your application rate, and fill open positions faster.

Attracting Passive Candidates

Are You Ready To Branch Out?

Often the best hires weren’t actively seeking a change until an exciting opportunity presented itself (or more likely, they responded to a savvy recruiter). People aren’t as entrenched with their current employers as you may think. More than 75% of working professionals report being open to new job opportunities.

How Can You Grab The Attention Of Passive Candidates?

  • Be sure you’re on the right path. If you want your efforts to bear fruit, it’s essential to carefully review their LinkedIn profiles or any other information you have. Avoid insulting or disappointing them with a position that doesn’t fit because they are unlikely to give you another chance if a new role does come along.
  • Get ready to sell the role and the company. If your investigation reveals the candidate fits the requirements, and you are sure they will thrive in their culture, use that confidence to persuade them to explore the opportunity.

Proactive outreach can uncover the best and brightest candidates to help your thriving business grow strong new branches.

Job Descriptions

Are You Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

Some hiring managers write job descriptions that read more like a list of demands than an invitation to join the team. Keep it brief, conversational, intriguing, and always consider the candidates’ “what’s in it for me?”

What Do Candidates Most Want To Know About Job Opportunities?

  • How’s the comp package?
  • What benefits are included?
  • What’s it like to work there?
  • How’s the company culture?
  • How big is the company?
  • What industry does it serve?
  • Where’s it located?
  • Will I be working in the office or remotely?

Focus on what top candidates are looking for before detailing the job requirements. Thoughtful job descriptions can position your company as a target employer for in-demand candidates who will be a great fit for your business.

Read more about how to write a great job description here!

How To Stand Out

Are You Standing Out In A Forest Of Opportunities?

Actively engage with potential candidates on social media and other online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or even Instagram, and TikTok. It sounds obvious, but the best way to find the right people is to learn where they are and go there.

How Can I Market And Promote Open Jobs?

  • Post openings to job boards such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn.
  • Host an in-person or virtual company meetup event where candidates can learn about the company and culture and chat with managers or potential co-workers.
  • Implement an employee referral program. You get the advantage of warm contacts. The employee gets a little extra cash.
  • Try niche job boards. Narrow your candidate field by posting jobs to relevant industry sites as well as the big guys.
  • Connect with previous applicants. They may have missed the cut before, but chances are they’ve only improved since you last spoke.
  • Reach out to former employees. If a former employee left on good terms, they could bring experience gained and fresh perspectives to your company.

Standing out in a crowded market can give you access to the high-performing talent you need to accelerate the growth of your new business.

Competitive Intelligence

Are You Checking Out The Rest Of The Trees In The Woods?

How do you stack up in competing for resources? Are they doing better at reaching for the best and brightest?

  • Are they using the same job titles or something more compelling or descriptive?
  • Is their post (and their application) mobile-friendly? Is yours?
  • Does the language reflect their culture and brand?

How Can Differentiation Make A Difference In Who You Attract?

Compare these snippets from Software Engineer job posts from two large, very well-known companies.

  • Company 1: Do you flourish in a collaborative, innovative, and empowering atmosphere? Are you passionate about growing your career, expanding your skill set, and working on customer-centered products used by millions of users? If so, then we want to meet you!
  • Company 2: (Company’s) software engineers develop next-generation technologies to change how billions of users connect, explore, and interact with information. We’re seeking engineers with fresh perspectives on information retrieval, distributed computing, large-scale system design, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

How different do you suppose those two companies are to work for? Where does yours fit? Beat the competition by engaging and inspiring top talent to join your growing business.

Resume Assessment

How To Not Rush The Resume Assessment Process?

Hiring is just one more item on your ever-growing to-do list, but reviewing resumes is a task worth taking your time with. Technology can narrow the field, but it takes a hands-on approach–a practiced eye to make the final selections.

  • Block out uninterrupted time.
  • Develop a consistent review process.
  • Sort resumes into categories.
  • Review the cover letter.
  • Evaluate the resume.
  • Conduct initial candidate screening.
  • Choose who is eligible to move on to interviews.

Resume screening is an essential step in finding candidates who match your culture and share your values and drive.

Interested in learning more about how to effectively review resumes? Check out our blog here.

Effective Interviewing

How To Have A Successful Interview?

A streamlined resume review process frees more time to interview top candidates. Remember, the best interviews are a two-way conversation.

Here's an example of an effective interview process:

  • Identify the most highly qualified candidates for interviews.
  • Review resumes once again before scheduling interviews with top prospects.
  • If you are working with a staffing agency, they will handle the process up to this point.
  • The staffing agency will provide qualified candidates who have been vetted.
  • Multiple interviews with team members and higher-ups might be necessary.
  • Select the individual you’d like to hire, extend an offer, and negotiate compensation.

The right interview process gives candidates a positive first impression of your organization, setting the scene for an exceptional employee experience and ensuring you hire the best-fit candidates the first time.

For more information on effective interviewing, check out our blogs on:

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