How to wow your candidates with an awesome interview

This article is intended to help you win the heart of a great candidate you already know you want to work with.

First Impressions The Second Time

Don't leave them waiting, this is a prime candidate. This is someone you want to hire. Show them that you respect their time. In fact, greet them at the door. Make them feel like a VIP.Be excited to meet them in person but be authentic. Fake excitement is easy to spot. Use first names, be positive, courteous and confident. Above all else be honest.Focus on presentation. Make sure you're dressed well, not just appropriate. Choose an atypical location. Rather than the conference room that they had their first interview in, move them to the executive office and involve the executive in this interview.Silence your phones and close your laptops! Give them all of your attention, not just half or three-quarters, all of it. A clear sign that you aren't fully invested in the candidate is constantly looking at your laptop screen or phone. Like in real life, make the human interaction the priority over technology. Candidates know exactly where they stand when an interviewer answers their phone while conducting an interview. Leaving them to think "Is this really someone I want to work for?"

Setting Expectations & Getting Clarity

Set expectations for the interview and a timeline so they know how long it will likely take. Offer a beverage or snack and make sure you have something nice on hand if they accept.Be prepared for the interview with concise questions that target their strengths and abilities. Show interest in them and their abilities. Don't let them slide too much though. Make sure you don't ask questions that have already been asked and stay focused on the position you want to hire them for. Allow them to get comfortable while speaking with you. Make sure to clearly address any questions they bring up. Great candidates want to know they are heard and their opinions matter.

Asking The Right Questions At The Right Time

DO NOT ask brain teaser questions. These were once popular among tech giants like Google but they found that these questions didn't predict anything regarding the success of the candidate. Skip the oddball questions and be professional. Remember we're setting expectations. Avoid asking generic questions like "Do you prefer to work in groups or alone". Instead, ask about specific instances in which the candidate experienced challenges/produced something they're truly proud of while working in a group or alone.Ask the right questions for the right reasons. Going down a list of interview questions and simply checking them off will only annoy the candidate. Make your candor and tone even more friendly and calm than the last interaction they had with your company. Top candidates will not be impressed by how many questions you ask them. Instead, get them to open up and talk freely about past work situations where they had to make a difficult decision. Now you have their attention and respect because you engaged in a more equal conversation. Expect top candidates to do their homework before arriving at an interview. In some cases, they might even know exactly why the position they are interviewing for is vacant. Be prepared to answer their questions clearly and concisely.Most top candidates are generally looking for new challenges and something that will keep them wanting to come to work every day beyond pay. Be honest when describing the job and the state of your organization. By doing so, you’ll open up a dialogue that will impress top candidates helping them feel a part of the team already. Following the formal part of the interview offer them a tour of the office/facilities. Make sure the tour route is clean and organized beforehand. If time allows introduce them to current employees while touring the office/facilities. Great candidates will care about the work environment and who they will be working with. Make sure to show them the best amenities your office/facilities have to offer.

From Shake To Shake

Walk your candidate to the front door. Treat them as if they just came to your home to visit. Offer them free company swag if available & applicable. Avoid throwing stuff at them as they exit. This can come across as very tacky. If it's done well and feels organic, offering a hat, or t-shirt could be the icing on the cake. Do whatever it takes to make them feel like you were 100% focused on them from the first handshake to the last. This is your final impression so make it count. Showing them this level of attention to detail will help them make their final decision when choosing to accept your offer. If you’d like to expedite the process by testing out qualified candidates on a temporary contract basis, give us a shout. We’d love to have the opportunity to work with you.

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