Sample Job Descriptions

Compare job descriptions for the positions we staff for

Information is vital to the success of your career journey. This resource has been developed to give you practical insights into the roles & responsibilities required of various positions we staff for. Select a career category below to view example job descriptions.

Administrative Jobs

Administrative careers encompass a wide variety of positions that are vital to the stability of organizations worldwide. Administrative positions often involve clerical work, scheduling & arranging meetings, maintaining files & databases, answering phones, and handling correspondence.

Human Resources Jobs

Human resources professionals often choose to specialize or become generalists. Roles and responsibilities vary greatly depending on that choice. HR careers commonly involve recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, promotions, dispute resolution, and termination of employees.

Operations Jobs

Individuals working in operations are responsible for managing several processes in the creation and delivery of services and goods. Careers in operations involve planning, coordinating, organizing, and controlling the resources necessary to deliver the final product to customers and clients.

Customer Support Jobs

Customer support professionals are on the front lines of the battle for a companies reputation. A career in customer support requires patience, good communication skills,  and knowledge of your companies products & services. Whether your fielding calls from unhappy customers or coordinating the customer service responsibilities of a whole team, customer support is an important aspect to the success of millions of organizations.

Sales & Marketing Jobs

Sales & Marketing are responsible for attracting and closing new business. Upward mobility in a sales or marketing career is almost guaranteed. Many CEOs start out in sales and marketing professionals are capable of reaching the upper echelon of the organizational hierarchy.

Finance Jobs

Careers in finance offer a varying degree of flexibility in terms of placement. Nearly every organization acquires in-house finance staff as they grow. This means that your skills will be valuable in any state, city, and industry. Such opportunities aren't common in all professions.