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When you’ve got a mile-high pile of open job openings to fill, you don’t need more applicants, you need better ones. Without a staffing agency, you may find yourself running in circles.How We Increase Candidate QualityOne way we attract great talent is to write your job descriptions in a way that appeals to the caliber of people you’re looking to hire. This doesn’t just mean the right kind of skills and experience, but also the right attitude and values. You aren’t always able to identify these qualities in an isolated interview, so having a backlog of talent is ideal for all departments and teams you’re hiring for now and in the near future.We distill the more important characteristics of the available position (industry, position) to craft these great job descriptions. Working with a staffing agency may mean you spend more upfront time on your descriptions, but you’ll be glad you did when you have better candidates and happier hiring managers.Another reason to invest time in writing great job descriptions? LinkedIn data shows that most people first interact with a company by applying for positions they see as relevant to themselves. Treat your jobs as simple tools to communicate and reinforce your employer branding efforts, and find an agency that can quickly turnaround candidates quickly.How to Attract Quality ApplicantsTell job stories. We help candidates understand why your opening is the perfect opportunity for them with a “job story” that goes beyond the basic job description. A job story helps candidates visualize themselves in the role, often by portraying what a “day in the life” might be like. We’ve found that good job stories fuel a candidate’s excitement for opportunities with your company and motivate them to invest time and energy to apply. For a marketing job description, we’ll try something like “Inspiring our customers with creative campaigns is all in a day’s work!”Use distinct language to communicate your culture. Clearly define the attributes that distinguish your company culture and your highest performers from everyone else. Then, share those attitudes in your job description. Avoid generic and overused phrases that completely miss the unique (and most appealing) aspects of your available job(s) or office culture. For example, when illustrating a collaborative environment, try something like “our employees actually work together and share credit. In fact, ego-driven personalities don’t last very long here.”Emphasize action and impact. “What’s in it for me?” This is the question on every qualified candidate's mind as they skim our job description for the first time. We make it easy for them to answer that question by framing your job description around what your lucky hire will get to do, not what they must have in order to qualify. For a human resources staff for a venture-backed company, try something like “use your recruiting knowledge and extensive human resources background to shape our global growth strategy.”Looking to expand your team by one candidate or an entire department? Contact our team to increase your candidate quality. We offer a wide range of service options and capabilities to meet your unique staffing needs.

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