Now that we’ve covered Part 1 of HR IN A BOX (Pre-Employment + Compliance Toolkit), we’re ready to explore all that Part 2 has to offer! Part 2 of HR IN A BOX contains the Recruiting Toolkit.

When you’re just starting out, recruiting efforts can be exhausting and incredibly time-consuming simply because of all of the coordination required. Cut out some of the busywork by using the communication collateral that we’ve included in this section to better assist your recruiting efforts throughout the entire interview and offer process.

The Recruiting Toolkit contains the following: 

  • Recruiting Communication Templates: Don’t start from scratch when it comes to your recruiting outreach. We’ve done the hard work for you! Stop whipping all your emails up out of thin air and save time when corresponding with prospective candidates by building off of our recruiting communication templates.
  • Comprehensive Interview Guide: Narrow down top talent by asking the right questions. Hiring managers and other key stakeholders should meet ahead of time to determine the overall structure of the interview(s), cover the questions each person will ask, and review the job description/responsibilities. This format should be copied identically with each candidate in the running. By creating a standard baseline, it will make it easier to objectively compare what candidate(s) should move on to the next stage. This interview guide will help you put all the pieces together.
  • Verbal Offer Guidelines + Scripts: So, you’ve found your dream hire! Now…How do you make things official? Congratulations, you’ve decided what candidate you’d like to bring onboard! Now comes extending the offer. Make sure that you are organized and prepared for every scenario by sticking to our verbal offer scripts.
  • Reference Check Forms: Can my people call your people? Reference Checks 101. As a contingency, the last step in the offer stage before signing a written offer often is performing a reference check. This reference check form will help make sure that you’ve made the right decision before making things official.

In this installment of our “Ask The Expert” video series, Natalie Stones (VP of Business Development) will be joined by Damon O’Donnel (Talent Business Partner) to review the Recruitment Toolkit in detail. If you haven’t already done so, download HR IN A BOX now!

Stay tuned for Part 3 of HR IN A BOX, where we will review the Onboarding Toolkit, which includes a new hire onboarding checklist and a sample first week agenda.