Know Your Worth: 5 Salary Negotiation Tips

Many job seekers hesitate to ask for more money when a job offer is on the table. But rarely, if ever, will an employer retract a job offer because you ask for a higher salary. You have nothing to lose by asking for more money. In fact, most hiring managers build some wiggle room into their initial offer because they expect candidates to negotiate.If you receive a lackluster offer but are hesitant to ask for more money, here are 5 tips to make negotiating a more favorable salary easier:Know Your WorthYour potential employer extended their offer because they feel you are valuable. Review the value you bring to the table, including industry experience, years of leadership, education level, specialized skills, and licenses and certifications. Use your unique qualifications as support for your negotiation.Research Your RoleKnowing the market average for similar positions in your industry can give you a salary range for your new role. Consider variables like geographic location, the national average, and company size. Ask for slightly more than your salary goal to give your potential employer room to negotiate down and still reach a comfortable number for you.Have the FactsBe prepared to deliver data on why you feel you deserve a higher salary. If possible, share awards and results you've achieved in previous positions. Include talking points of career highlights and how you will add value to the company.Be FlexibleSometimes, an employer will not be able to offer you more money. In that case, it may benefit you to think beyond the paycheck to other forms of compensation. You may be able to negotiate a one-time sign-on bonus, health benefits, or flexible scheduling. Think about any perks that might be just as valuable to you as a higher salary.Know Your Bottom LineBefore you receive a salary offer, do the math. Crunch your budget numbers and calculate the lowest salary you would be willing to accept. Suppose your potential employer cannot offer a salary and/or benefits to meet your requirements. In that case, you may need to respectfully decline and look for opportunities elsewhere.Our expert recruiters know your worth and can help you research your industry and find jobs with highly competitive pay. Follow Premier Talent Partners on social media for more reminders about your worth at work—and more career-building tips.

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