7 Virtual Meeting Etiquette Tips

Now that remote and hybrid work has become part of the fabric of modern employment, many employers are wondering how many virtual meetings are needed to get the job done. And what should be on the agenda?Virtual meeting etiquette isn’t just for employees. Managers are rapidly learning that they, too, must follow best practices for remote meetings to help employees stay focused and productive. If your organization uses virtual meetings to connect teams, consider these seven tips for making the most of your virtual meeting time:

  • Make time for a personal connection. Before an in-person meeting, employees can gather to meet each other and say hello. In a virtual meeting, this can be more difficult. Disabling the waiting room or dedicating a few minutes at the beginning of the meeting for a “meet and greet” can help remote employees feel more connected.
  • Establish and communicate the meeting’s purpose. Show respect for your employees’ time by only holding meetings that have a clear purpose and agenda. Communicate that information ahead of time so everyone arrives prepared and ready to contribute.
  • Assign roles. Boost engagement by assigning roles, such as a timekeeper and notetaker. If your meetings are prone to technical issues, consider appointing a tech-savvy team member to assist with connectivity issues.
  • Ask questions. Ask questions to prevent your meeting from becoming one-sided—and your team from losing interest. Ensuring everyone understands and is on the same page will create a more dynamic meeting experience.
  • Keep meetings short. Time is a valuable resource. Be aware that most of your team members will have multiple daily meetings. When hosting a virtual meeting, stick to your agenda and end meetings early to give your team the “gift” of unscheduled time.
  • Share meeting notes. Ensure there is no misunderstanding about what occurred during the meeting by sending a follow-up with notes and action items immediately after the meeting.
  • Ask for feedback. The best way to create efficient and productive meetings is to solicit input from your team. Find out what works and doesn't—and use that information to improve future remote meetings.

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