Should Your Company Use a Staffing Agency?

what is a staffing agency

Recruiters are great help when it comes to finding full-time salaried employees, but what about temporary employees or temp-to-hire options? Good news: They can help too. This is especially good news considering that HR departments usually aren’t equipped to find the best candidates the way a specialized staffing agency is.

So the questions become: What is a staffing agency, and should you work with one? In answer of the first question, a staffing agency is a firm you hire to cull through pools of candidates and find the right one for your company. In answer to the second, here are five excellent reasons to turn to a staffing agency today.

1. If You’re Looking for Temps with Specific Skills and Experience

The combination of skills and experience + a person who is willing to brave temp work is rare. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need it, which is where a staffing agency comes in. They can sort the wheat from the chaff and find you a worker who meets your needs, and is willing to stick around only as long as you want.

2. If You Are Overwhelmed with Candidates

It doesn’t matter if the job is entry level or requires a huge amount of experience; if you post it on a job board, you’re going to get a flood of applications. This is troublesome, as the number of resumes (often 500 or more) can represent weeks of work for an HR department. Moreover, if you’re looking for a temp worker, you’re likely to get lots of unqualified submissions. A temp agency knows how to sort through them all and find the best options for you.

3. If You Don’t Have the Resources to Manage a Seasonal Hiring Process

Many companies have a need for seasonal candidates, but don’t have the resource to manage the hiring process. Think a landscaping company that needs workers on a seasonal basis, or a seaside town bookstore that doubles its staff in summer. These small businesses usually don’t have dedicated HR departments, and so struggle to find the right workers. Call a staffing agency.

4. When You’re New to the Area

Businesses move, open new branches and franchises, and take on new leadership. In any of these cases, the person in charge may not be familiar with the area from which the candidate pool will be drawn. Know who is familiar? Your temp agency.

5. If You Have Lots of Temp Needs

The last and best reason to work with a staffing agency is if you have a strong ongoing need for temporary candidates. Not only does it save you time and money to avoid the job of sorting through resumes, but your temp agency will come to understand your business more and more over time, helping you to hone your workers further. Once you’ve been working together a few years, you’ll barely even have to explain your needs. Vulcan mind meld has been accomplished. (Okay, not really. But kind of.)

Naturally there are other reasons to hire a staffing agency, but these are the main ones. If you are experiencing any of the above needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Premier Talent Partners today. Whether you’re looking for a permanent member of the team or excellent workers to fill a more fleeting need, we’re here to help. Just get in touch!

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