Your Partner in Payroll

With two decades of partnering with global industry leaders, no one will confuse Premier Talent Partners with the average staffing firm. But when you consider the expertise, data, and talent we have developed – and continue to develop – and add the advantages of our new next-generation payroll services, we have more to offer than almost anyone else.

Filling In The Gaps

Since the early 2000s, our competition has developed platforms that are a compelling proposition for solving payroll headaches. But as years passed, we noticed something interested. Their proposition became a convoluted stack of out-of-date apps, requiring you to bend over backward with limited human exchange and a focus on low-hanging fruit rather than a focus on partnership. Plus, they have nothing to offer when it comes to integrating staffing and payroll services and maintaining low turnover.

Meanwhile, we built Premier Talent Partners Payroll Services. Linking agility and innovation to find, filter, and fit your next great hire, Premier Talent Partners Payroll Services is a serious solution to today’s hiring challenges. Our ultra-scalable staffing services allow for progressive growth across a department or entire organization. You can re-engineer your sales and service processes so that staffing become scalable. Premier Talent Partners Payroll Services helps you focus on delivering an optimal experience without the headaches of payroll processing. And if the next set of staffing challenges require integrated business processes, we have you covered.

Still Need Staff?

Improving the staffing strategy at an organization is a never-ending process, not a one-off project. It starts with engagement, builds customer trust, and grows with positive experiences at touch points such as phone calls, candidate experiences, talent onboarding, and ongoing interactions.

To succeed today and in the future, you need to build a candidate for life. Candidates expect a lot these days. You can only meet their expectations in a highly contextualized, personal way. To deliver engaging, satisfying experiences, you need a set of services that work well together. This is exactly where Premier Talent Partners office staffing can help you excel.

Your Next Step

Long known for the strength of our staffing services, we recognize that companies increasingly need open, standards-based payroll services to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why our payrolling offering was built. Any employer can use this offering with existing talent, or with candidates hired by Premier Talent Partners.

We believe payroll services offer a fast path to HR process outsourcing, true end-to-end partnerships, and the opportunity to build an environment that draws out and promotes the best talent and provides benefits to ensure they’re in it for the long haul. There’s no better way, in our opinion, to create an excellent staffing strategy.