We’re a bit…obsessive.

We’re a little fixated on change. We believe we can create it. Remove obstacles. Craft openness. Update an outdated industry with honesty and transparency.

We’re focused on growing. Ourselves, our clients’ companies, our job seekers.

We’re passionate about one thing in particular: literally changing lives.

We’re modern-day matchmakers, and we’re here to connect.

Progressive Fierce Precise Devoted

That’s the Premier motto. We live it every day.

Humans beat robots. Every time.

Technology doesn’t hire people. People hire people.

Technology can find resumes and jobs. That magical connection between an employer and Talent doesn’t happen in a resume, it happens between people. People make connections and make it personal.

What a coincidence. That’s why we rely on human interaction, not just technology.

We take the time and effort to get to know you--whether you’re a client or a candidate. That’s why we’re able to match the right person with the perfect position. Instead of just putting a warm body in an empty chair.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Care
  • Connection
  • Gratitude

Cultivating Compassion through Premier Promise: OUR OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE BACK! Lasting change requires a daily commitment. With committed financial, service and time resources we change lives and create meaning. We are all in!

We do more than solve problems. We change lives.

For the right companies, we’re an extension of your HR team--sourcing, vetting, and matching people with critical job openings.

For the right candidates, we’re your go-to resource for navigating career choices and ensuring a perfect fit. Advice, coaching, and connections is what we provide.


The year it all began. One recruiter became five became seven. By the end of the year, Premier was 10 people strong, had three divisions and had nearly doubled our staffing goal.


The .com bubble burst. We helped our clients and talent survive the crash by supporting our clients and helping keep their employees working. While many staffing agencies wilted, we redefined what it means to be a partner.


Four years later, we bounced back to help Bay Area businesses grow 25-30% with quality talent.


Instead of just finding and placing talent in Bay Area businesses, we focused on keeping them there. With this important shift, we became educators instead of just recruiters.


We began a new Premier tradition of a “word of the year” to serve as a theme. 2010’s word: Excellence.


The year of Results


The year of Evolution


The year of Purpose and Gratitude


The year to Transcend


The year of Mindful Intention - Quo Animo


The year in Pursuit


The year to Inspire. Premier Talent Partners turned 20 in 2018. We’re so proud to have helped so many individuals achieve their career goals in this time. Here’s to the next 20 years.


The year of Destiny


The year of Ajna