What Does Someone Who Works In Customer Service Do?

Customer Service professionals have a niche in companies that offer complex products and services and is responsible for the aspects of advising clients and customers on ideal implementation within a company. He or she oversees the communication of processes in a company and does whatever is necessary to increase the efficiency and utility of business offerings with a human touch and with the customer’s perspective in mind.

The duties of Customer Service personnel may vary depending on the organization, but generally, include enthusiastic, welcoming multitasking. Ideal Customer Service candidates are technologically proficient and have experience with customer service, strong written skills, and phone-based professionalism.

There are a handful of key responsibilities, mostly which are driven by the following job characteristics:

1) Handle Inbound Calls and Emails

The primary activity of a Customer Service professional is to handle the inbound requests from customers and clients. Hiring a Customer Service professional? Look for experience managing heavy call and email volume with an effective response rate. Looking to get a job as a Customer Service Representative? Build out your resume to demonstrate proficiency in receiving information and responding with relevant information, ideally with a target goal or sales volume generated from your activities.

2) Provide Support In A Timely Manner

Speed is one of the top qualities of a Customer Service Representative. Especially with high volume requests, it’s imperative to track and tag support requests to best identify who to respond to first based on account size and type of complaints. Do you need to hire a Customer Service Representative? Consider resumes that indicate trackable performance based on volume and time orientation. Interested in jobs similar to a Customer Service Representative? If you haven’t yet, make sure to point out the major activities of your role, and how you’ve controlled your time and resources. Where possible, point out how you were able to categorize and compare inbound requests.

3) Field Complaints & Respond To Inquiries

Customer Service roles often handle communications with customers that have issues or problematic questions about their account. While these inquiries are often light, they may come from a customer that needs direct attention immediately and requires substantial emotional intelligence to keep a clear head during these conversations. Does your organization need a Customer Service Representative? You may want to use a phone interview to identify how a candidate handles over-the-phone communication. Are you looking for a staffing firm to find your next Customer Service job? Leverage your resume to point out the various types of inquiries you have had to handle.

4) Act As A Liaison Between Customers & Upper Management

One of the most important aspects of a Customer Service job is to escalate important requests and issues related to the issues and inquiries received by the company. It is the Customer Service Representative’s job to understand when and how to notify management of the impending issues. Could you use a contract Customer Service Rep to support your customer base? You could have temporary or permanent staff prioritizing your support requests in no time. Looking for a Customer Service job that gets to work with Upper Management? The only way to get started is to find a position and apply today.

5) Provide Technical Support & Assist With Troubleshooting

Customer Service representatives are often technically-inclined individuals that are continuing to gain experience and are still growing their ability to troubleshoot technical issues. Does your company have a need for Technical Support? Customer Service advocates can be a great addition to increase the time available for your more imperative responsibilities from your current team. Are you a technical troubleshooter looking to venture into a new role? Don’t dismiss Customer Service jobs as they can serve as a primary stepping stone to more elevated positions in technology companies, especially in California and New York.

6) Contribute New Ideas About How To Improve Client Experience

Often the most undervalued aspect of Customer Service, product and service improvement through creative contributions is a fantastic method for building yourself into technology companies over a long-term contract. Are you interested in adding to your existing client experience? Take a moment to point out the key characteristics you’re looking for in our Request Talent form. Want to join an organization that let’s you give feedback and promotes client experience? Look for a job that enables you to use creative talents to point out inefficiencies and improve metrics across the board.

Next Steps

Customer Service jobs require deep product knowledge with a quality focus on Problem Solving, market knowledge, and documentation skills. While completing daily and weekly tasks you’ll be encouraged to listen while utilizing phone skills, conflict resolution, and analysis while multi-tasking with internal and external stakeholders. We’re excited to build out the Customer Service teams with top-tier candidates supporting growing technology clients.

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