Questions to Ask When Picking Your Career Path

Career Planning in San Francisco

Starting your career takes time and planning. Ongoing career conversations will help you identify how to find success no matter your starting point.

Before you begin, you’ll want to decide on a career path starting with one of the six job categories we staff here at Premier Talent Partners. You can view a complete list of open jobs here. We work with industries from biotech to real estate to cloud infrastructure.


Who am I? How do I fit?

You might be more likely to pursue your career goals if you first took a moment to assess your current skillsets and traits employers may be looking for. Starting your career begins with finding a culture that supports your career development. Once you’ve identified your ideal starting job, take some time to focus on how you specifically can bring unique value to your organization.

What is expected of me?

Confirming expectations allows you and your next employer to increase your value. Position expectations will be derived from the needs of the company and career conversations you bring up in the interview. What and how you set those expectations will depend on the type of job; Contract-to-hire candidates may have very different trajectories than those of a permanent or temporary hire.

What and how should I develop?

You need to be planning 1-2 jobs in the future to maximize your career planning and goal setting. Be specific in the ways that you can take advantage of your current role. Stretch yourself and soak up industry information, best practices, and relevant software. Ask for more responsibility and let your manager know you’re not afraid to take on more work. If it’s a proper fit between the candidate and the client, your request will be warmly received and you’ll go from having a job to developing a career.

How am I doing?

One of the best ways to assess your work performance is to ask your managers about their career performance. They may include advice on how to navigate your own career path. It may be unsettling if you don’t have a formal performance analysis. Use online resources or contact our offices to make sure you have the skills and knowledge required.

How your talents and contributions will be recognized?

It’s unlikely you’ll feel recognized, especially during long, boring, or monotonous days that we all have. Often, recognition can come from knowing you performed to the best of your abilities, regardless of how others choose to assess performance. To avoid miscommunication with irrelevant parties, identify who needs to see you succeed and can help you continue on your career path. Don’t be afraid to work hard, but certainly don’t expect your extra effort to receive any sort of recognition.

What’s next for me?

As you fill out your resume and LinkedIn profile with more relevant jobs in one industry or another, look to your peers to see where your career could head. Networking and continuing education are both great ways to keep in touch with other professionals that can give you an idea of what local opportunities look like in the near future, avoid major pitfalls in career planning, and support you on your path to successful career and goal planning.

Ready to find your next temporary, contract-to-hire, or permanent job in California or New York? Reach out to the office closest to you and let’s place you in a career you’ll love.

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