Why Premier Talent Partners?

Since 1998, we’ve challenged ourselves to push the limits when it comes to finding great people. It’s been a fascinating exercise. We are now staffing for positions in countless sectors and regions who are hiring for every type of office position and environment you could imagine. How are we still growing and innovating? Why do our customers continue to use our services?

We Hire Great People

First, we work with great businesses, staffed and run by the equally great people we hire. Second, despite their varying products, business models, and motivations, the staffing strategy is at the top of each of our client’s agenda. Hiring the office staff they want when they want it and using their preferred methods of staffing shapes the entire hiring experience. With the candidate at the heart of their decisions, these companies are completely reframing their business approach. Think of it: a VC-backed Biotech giant that hires its first customer success team; the non-profit that starts their first annual fundraiser with an event planner; and the enterprise SaaS app that is reimagining its entire business model by integrating staffing into the Sales and Operations teams.These might seem like simple shifts in perspective. Yet executing them requires a revolution in end-to-end hiring processes – one that focuses on the need to cultivate candidate trust. Because, let’s face it: in today’s business environment, your main concern shouldn’t be competitors. Your goal is to focus on finding the most qualified candidates before they do.

To be a qualified, a candidate must have three things: A comprehensive view of each position, a connection to the company, and the potential to deliver on promises.

These are only the first of the obstacles you’ll face, especially in a rapidly growing team. You need a service partner that is flexible around your needs.

Raising Industry Standards

That’s why we created Premier Talent Partners Payroll Services, industry-leading, integrated, and extensible. Our five offices work individually and together so that you can find the talent to transform your relationships with customers and focus on what matters most to your company. Premier Talent Partners Payroll Services integrates with our staffing services, simplifying the links and smoothing the path between the hiring and payrolling in one simple partnership.But a top-line summary of our offering isn’t enough. That’s where our e-book comes in. This “Recruiting How To’s” not only offers the big picture of what we do but also helps you think about how you might use our candidates – and our partnership – to reimagine your business model and augment your staffing strategy. Here you’ll find not only thoughts and insights on turning innovation into best practice but also the why and how of Premier Talent Partners – and what it means for you. Contact us to learn more about industry use cases, customer case studies, and more. If you want an end-to-end staffing strategy solution, you need a partner that can go the distance. By combining our staffing capabilities with payrolling, you’ll be unbeatable. Our partners maximize your individual hire and total team talent, and so can you.

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