What Does Finding A Job Look Like Right Now?

If you’re job hunting right now, you’ve probably discovered the job market is much different than it was pre-pandemic. Low unemployment and job force participation rates have created a favorable environment for job seekers. There’s a massive labor shortage right now—creating lots of opportunities for you.

Hiring Trends for Job Seekers

According to the 2022 State of Staffing Report, 46% of workers will be looking for a new job this year, continuing the Great Resignation. If you’re one of those workers, you might be wondering where the most significant areas of opportunity lie.

What Job Markets Are Searching for New Talent?

The move to remote work has opened up the borders for many job seekers, allowing even more opportunities for those seeking flexible work-from-home options. As the country continues to recover from the pandemic, these industries are booming, according to the State of Staffing Report (plus, we bolded the industries/functions Premier is hiring in):

  • Industrial
  • IT
  • Professional
  • Healthcare
  • Office/Clerical

Where Can You Look For A New Job?

Surveyed job seekers leave no stone unturned during their hunt. Here are their most popular search methods:

  • Online job boards
  • Referrals from friends or colleagues
  • LinkedIn
  • Company website
  • Other social media
  • Job post on Google
  • Recruiters
  • Classified ads

How Can You Leverage Hiring Trends for Job Seekers to Find Top Roles?

Many businesses are adopting new technologies to help them find qualified talent like you. Adopting best practices during your job search can make it easier for those companies to find you—and easier for you to find work on your terms. Consider incorporating these hiring trends in your job search strategy:Make yourself easy to recruit. As more organizations use AI and other technologies in recruiting, be ready and willing to engage with chatbots, optimize your resume with relevant keywords, and maintain an active—and professional—social media presence.Brush up your virtual interview skills. Many organizations continue to use an online interview as an initial screening step. Research virtual interview best practices to improve your chances of a job offer.Be ready to negotiate. Take some time to identify what you want and need from your next job, and don’t be afraid to counteroffer. With the tight job market, there has never been a better time to negotiate for more competitive compensation or benefits.Work with a staffing partner. An expert recruiter has extensive industry knowledge that can help you find rewarding jobs that match your skills, experience, and interests while delivering the work-life balance you deserve.Premier Talent Partners has hot jobs! Check out this week’s top opportunities or register to be considered for all of our open roles. We’re here to help!

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