Use Temp Office Staff to Meet Short-Term Needs

If your in-house projects constantly start and stop, it can be difficult to manage your office staff. Bay Area staffing firms serve to manage the process of searching for and hiring staff for your office. This will free managers to perform the specialized tasks they are qualified to do. These temporary positions can range from operations to administrative assistance and from finance to human resources.

Temp Office Staffing 101: Understanding Your Staffing Needs

Staffing agencies help you save on overhead costs by allowing companies to only hire staff members when they are needed. Additionally, using a staffing agency can save a company time - as recruiters often have a database of qualified office talent to search through when seeking the ideal candidate for a role. Otherwise, a company must take the time required to place an ad in newspapers or online; review resumes; interview; and then perform the HR tasks involved in bringing on a new hire.In summary, retaining staffing services with Premier Talent Partners will successfully make any company’s office department run more smoothly while removing the roadblocks that occur due to poor planning in recruiting, hiring, and retaining talent. Now let's review the steps in the process.

How Staffing Works

The process of working with an office and admin employment agency like Premier Talent Partners is meant to be simple. Consider your staffing agency as a member of your team - his or her objective is to find the best fit for your office department based on your business’ needs, projects, and timelines.

Step 1: Initiate Contact

Once you have determined the firm you wish to work with, schedule a meeting with your assigned agency. To ensure you maximum convenience, they may choose to go to your office.Before the meeting, make a list of questions as well as information on current and future projects. It isn’t necessary to know exactly what type of staff you need - your staffing agency will assist with this.When meeting with your recruiter, remember that they will have questions for you, as well. You will not only discuss the projects that are planned and underway. You will also discuss timeline so that the staffing agency can get an understanding of how many employees you need and how long you will need them. Premier Talent Partners is sought out because of experience lasting decades staffing the following position types and categories.

Contract Employees: Contract employees are used for short-term projects, or as part of a larger, company-wide project. Once the contract is up, these professionals are no longer employed by your company.

Human Resources: This is a no-risk method to see if a contract employee would be a good fit for your office department. Should this type of employee prove himself a solid worker, you have the option to bring them on as a permanent employee. Learn more.

Operations: For positions you know you will need to be filled with competent candidates with generalized skillsets (such as project managers, business analysts, or office managers), operations hires are a good choice. Learn more.

Customer Support: In order to provide quality customer service to your clients, you may need to hire technologically proficient support staff to answer questions and troubleshoot over the phone. Learn more.

Client Analyst: As your department takes on more projects, you may need to supplement your contingent staff to fulfill short-term projects. Learn more.

Short-Term Accounting Assistance: When you make changes to your headcount, you may need to add staff members that specialize in accounting assistance for the short-term. Learn more.

Long-Term Hiring: You may need talented direct hire staff to work with your team on a long-term basis as your department evolves, in order to maintain the quality of the growing temporary contractors.

By the end of your meeting, you and your agency should be able to figure out the positions for which you need to hire. Your agency may want to speak to your hiring manager or other staff to understand the various roles and needs of the department. They will work with you to create a job description for each position you will hire, and will begin the search for talent.

Step 2: Interviews

Your recruiter can manage the interview process entirely on your behalf, or you may prefer to be involved. The process should be one you are comfortable with, so your level of involvement is entirely up to you.Once your recruiter has chosen strong candidates, he or she will discuss them with you and advise you in your decision making. Who you hire is ultimately your decision, but your recruiter can help you by providing insight into a particular candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.Should you not find any of the preferred candidates up to your standards; your recruiter will continue the search until the perfect hire is found.

Step 3: Selection and Hiring

Next, your recruiter will make an offer to the chosen candidate, negotiate if necessary, and handle all the human resource tasks associated with hiring. Payroll and benefits can be processed by your recruiting firm to make the hiring process painless for you and your company. Additionally, your contract recruiter will also be responsible for new hire orientations at your company to get your staff members off to a great start.

Step 4: Ongoing Maintenance

Because your single-source recruitment agency acts as a member of your team, you can rest assured they will still be accessible as your new staff members settle into their roles.Your recruiter will check in periodically to make sure all employees are meeting the quality standards of your department. They will also address any personnel issues that may arise. Your recruiter will not only manage both your short-term and contract employees’ schedule. They may also work with you to renew contracts or replace them with new hires, as needed.Onboarding a new project? Your staffing agency will be there to foresee what staffing changes are required before the need is pressing. This saves you time and stress of trying to find qualified staff at the last minute. Last minute hiring is a problem for many corporate office departments and can lead to organizational whiplash.

How Everyone Gets Paid

While you might expect a contractor to be costly, they are actually more affordable than either an in-house employee. Temp workers or contractors are paid based on their contract length.It's likely that your in-house recruiters get paid a salary plus benefits. If your office staffing needs fluctuate, you will pay for this recruiter regardless of need. A recruiter at a staffing firm works hard to cut costs and bring the most qualified personnel to the table. Even better, you only hire when you need them. Premier's Bay Area recruiters focus on getting someone hired and getting out.A recruiter will work with your company on a contract. For most contracts, you can end the contract at any time should services not meet your standards. There is virtually no risk in using a Bay Area recruiting firm for your office staffing needs.

Get Started

Is your department is in need of a Bay Area staffing consultant’s expertise? Contact Premier Talent Partners at (415) 362-2211 to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can cut your costs, save your company time, and ensure that you hire the right talent. From the office to operations, finance and administration, we've got you covered.

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