The Biggest Myth About Holiday Season Hiring: Debunked

It’s the holiday season and you are asking yourself if it’s worth pursuing jobs this time of year. We say, ‘tis the season to keep job seeking! There is a common misconception that companies and recruiters aren’t hiring during holidays. We want to give you the gift of informing you otherwise.Just because employees take time off over the holidays doesn’t mean companies needing to recruit are taking a break. Hiring happens on a needed basis, not on a seasonal cycle. As a matter of fact, during this time some industries may see a lull in output during the holiday season and will take advantage of this quieter time. It is a time when companies are wrapping up old projects while also taking the leap towards the prospects of the new year.  Companies put a lot of thought into the cost of hiring new employees. At the end of the year many companies are still trying to meet quota for the staffing needs. The same can be reflected for the beginning of the next year. Our point isn’t about guessing a companies hiring plan, it’s to remind you that applicants are exactly what a company needs end of year to account for the years turnover results, end of year budget and upcoming strategy plans. As companies come into the new year they are anticipating the fresh start just as people do. Rather than making lofty New Year resolutions, they have spent the time reviewing their last years achievements and maybe some misses, they are hoping to expand their client base or maybe taking in the markets influence and rebranding. Take the time to look into your prospective company and see what you can offer that would bring in fresh eyes. If they are hiring around this time of year, it is worth tapping into the holiday spirit of inward reflection and fresh starts. You could be part of the new team to bring a companies goals to fruition.Whether you are responding to a job posting or cold calling your dream employer, take in the spirit of the season. Be sure to reflect on the accomplishments of the last year while embracing the opportunity for growth as you enter the new year.

Social Season and Networking

Let’s call this time of year what it really is, a social season. From Halloween to the New Year, parties are happening on a regular basis. Make sure you take advantage of each invite and step up your networking game. This is a time for connecting with friends of friends in the industry or hoping for a chance encounter for the next great opportunity. Stock up the business cards, freshen up the job profiles and resume, make sure you have your soft pitch for when you meet your next connect over the spiked punch. You can never be sure who might be attending the next soiree.

  • Keep it professional. Don’t let all the libations lead to loose lips. You want to make a lasting impression, but one that a potential recruit won’t find offensive. Social media can impact your hiring game, so try to avoid those incriminating photos.  
  • Ear to the ground. Know who is who at the party. You can always ask the host for insider information or to introduce you to mutual connections. Listen for conversations that relate to your job-seeking goals.
  • Put yourself out there. But also remember that you are at a party to have fun. Be authentic, be engaged, and be wary of talking too much shop. Most folks don’t want to be reminded of work while reaching for those delicious appetizers.
  • Follow up! Save the hard pitch for after the party… not the after-party. When you do follow up be sure to remind your new connect where you met and why you are reconnecting. You never know how the memory holds up after a party.  
  • Have a more altruistic side? We admire you! Volunteering can be a way to fill your heart and fill your contacts. You never know who you might connect with while at your local food drive or charity pub crawl.

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