The Best Jobs You Can Find with a Staffing Agency

You may have the pre-conceived notion that staffing agencies only place entry-level, temporary jobs. Others may tell you that staffing firms don't pay benefits, or will never return your call. None of this is true.Companies in every industry use staffing (aka employment) agencies to find talented, qualified candidates to fill all types of positions available - from contract to permanent staff. As of 2018, Premier Talent Partners has been staffing for office, administrative, and human resources positions for twenty years. We have seen trends and we know that if you are diligent, you too can find great jobs that lead to amazing opportunities.What you get out of your time with a staffing agency comes down to what you're looking for. Not every job candidate wants to become a Director of Operations due to the pressure of C-level management. Recent college graduates might seek out traits to succeed in HR to put their best foot forward when preparing for an interview. Mid-career transitions might make staffing companies attractive as they offer passive job opportunities in growing industries.Below are some ways to find the best jobs you may not find anywhere else.

Practical Industry Experience

In lieu of internship experience or knowing someone in the company/industry, you may need a guiding force to give you advice that would be generic to anyone with practical experience in that industry. Depending on the work and office environment, there will be nuanced norms and mores. These may inform what you wear to an interview, how your resume is structured, and may even convince you to stay open to other opportunities instead of pigeon-holing yourself.Our talented team of recruiters is ready to advise you on your career search. Check out our resources page to learn about our industry experience, or contact the office closest to you for an in-depth conversation.

Insights You Can't Find Elsewhere

Conducting a job search with any one company only gives you insight into the details associated with that single job. To be able to converse and compare multiple opportunities and offers, you'll need a team supporting you in your decision-making process.You may be worried about career transitions and how contract lengths can complicate or simplify your future job search. You'll want to find a staffing agency that will field your questions and help you find the right job with the right company in the city where you desire to live. There are times for job searching on your own, but it's easier to make it social.

Opportunities for Passive Candidates

We are biologically required to have and focus on one job at a time. When candidates come to Premier Talent Partners, often they already have a job. For a slew of reasons, job seekers like yourself are smart to keep their ear to the ground for passive opportunities, as this is one of the greatest benefits you get when working with an employment agency.Once a staffing agency recruiter replies to your application, you'll be entered into a system that will flag your name for any relevant future positions for which you are qualified. The perfect job for you may not even be posted yet, and getting your name and resume /experience information in the database should be done sooner rather than later as job orders are filed and filled every day - don't let your dream job pass you by!At Premier, we do our best to tailor our experience to that of the candidate. We'll give you pointers, and based on your feedback we can work together to find the best jobs based on your circumstances.

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