How to Stay Current on New Recruitment Trends

With the ever-increasing rate of change in the digital landscape, recruitment is experiencing more shifts than ever before.Keeping up on recruiting trends, while a respectable goal, is becoming more and more difficult for human resources to manage on their own. Meanwhile, job boards are flooded with applicants, it’s never safe to post a position until you’re ready to sift through 500 resumes, and no matter how hard you try to screen candidates, it seems like under-qualified bad apples still get through. It’s time to catch up with the latest trends.

Multimedia Engagement

Today’s workforce is used to gleaning information through video and social media, so why shouldn’t they expect the same when it comes to employment? Many candidates, especially those just graduating from school, will be looking for employers that engage them the way they like to be engaged. Goodbye, dry job description!

A Focus on Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a cornerstone of employee success. Those who can read others, understand their own motivations, knit groups together, empathize, and generally interact successfully have a much greater chance of adding to the organization as a whole. Today’s HR departments will do much better if they can recognize when candidates fit the bill. The only trouble is, many are not trained to do so, which is where working with dedicated talent management comes into play.

Reduced Emphasis on Money

Today’s candidates are less interested in earning the highest salary and more interested in finding a job that interests them and aligns with their values. As such, the quality of an employer’s ad – both visual and content – will matter more and more. If you want to attract excellent candidates, hitting the advertising mark really makes a difference.

Big Data for Every Stage of the Hiring Process

For years now, big data has been leveraged to mine resumes and find the right potential candidates for interviewing. However, big data’s application to the rest of the hiring process has been ignored – at cost to organizations. If employers can determine where prospects are coming from, what kind of media engages them and what helps them say “yes,” they’ll get better at honing their skills for finding the right hire.

Candidates Gaining Power

One of the most startling new recruitment trends for employers is the fact that candidates have an increasing share in the balance of power during the hiring process. Rather than simply offering a job description and waiting for good applicants, employers must now focus on their own brands to attract the best. That means putting out the right vibe over social media, on the website, and even in the interview.

Pulling Back from Technology

While social media, mobile recruiting and other recruitment technologies have claimed our attention in recent years, the obsession with the shiniest new object has somewhat overshadowed our ability to engage with the process authentically. Thought leaders are now pointing out that an over-reliance on tech leads to an underperformance of new hires who weren’t selected carefully enough. Working with an experienced recruiter can help weed this problem out.

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