State of Staffing Report - Summary & Takeaways

There’s no escaping the fact that hiring is challenging these days.It may seem like the hits keep coming: a global pandemic, The Great Resignation, and more open jobs than workers to fill them…but there are opportunities among the challenges. At Premier Talent Partners, we took to heart the State of Staffing 2022 Report. When Staffing Hub surveyed 583 members of the workforce about their plans to look for a new job this year, information emerged that could help us all build a better hiring process, a more engaging employee experience, and a healthier bottom line.

Staffing Industry Trends That Can Help Your Business

The Challenge: 46% of workers are planning to change jobs, which means expensive turnover, hiring, and onboarding.The Opportunity: Workers’ reasons for seeking a change can help you attract qualified job seekers who will add to your company culture and work hard for your business.Which workers are most likely to be looking for greener pastures?

  • Men are more likely to be job hunting than women.
  • Younger respondents were slightly more likely to switch jobs than older respondents.
  • Part-time and temporary workers were more likely to search for a new job (compared to full-time and freelance employees).

Most Significant Reasons Workers Are on the Move

The pandemic gave workers ample time to think about what they wanted from work—and the subsequent labor crunch gave them unprecedented bargaining power. It's no surprise that higher pay is the top reason job seekers want a change. What else ranks on their lists? Take a look:

  • Better work-life balance
  • Ability to work from home
  • Better benefits
  • Better/more flexible schedule
  • More professional development opportunities
  • More trust in leadership

Where Do Job Seekers Plan to Look for Their Next Job?

It can be difficult to predict job seeker behavior, so it’s helpful to get a peek into where this segment of workers plans to search for their next job. Where will they go first? Their top sources for job leads include:

  • Online job boards
  • Referrals from friends or colleagues
  • LinkedIn
  • Company website
  • Other social media
  • Job post on Google
  • Recruiters
  • Classified ads

How can you use staffing industry trends to turn the ongoing Great Resignation to your advantage?

Knowledge is power. Learning why job seekers are moving to other companies can help you identify ways to make your company an attractive option for them. Consider these ways to entice new hires and support your current employees:

  • Build your hiring process around communication and transparency.
  • Offer a benefits package based on your workers' genuine needs and desires.
  • Create a referral program to capture leads from satisfied employees.
  • Advertise your openings where job seekers are searching.
  • Strengthen your company culture and employer brand.
  • Work with a staffing company.

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