Securing Your Next "Perfect" Candidate

This year, we’re celebrating 20 years connecting job seekers and employers. For two decades we’ve assisted with the hiring and benefits administration of many next “perfect hire” candidates. We provide hiring managers and their parent organizations with the human capital to capitalize on your opportunities when hiring across industries and professions. Finding the perfect candidate will vary by industry and profession, along with the needs of your organization. With the growth of Venture Capital and SaaS businesses in the Bay Area and NYC, our clients are disproportionately heavy in these sectors. Undervalued, they are potential innovative markets for talent acquisition.

Starting Your Search

Our experience growing a 65+ person recruiting firm has taught us that finding and hiring the ideal candidates can be easier said than done. It takes time. Unicorns and purple squirrels are less common than we’d like. Luckily, years of collaboration and cultivating candidate relationships ensures that we’re able to secure top talent. Our capability is driven by the recognition that your timeline is our first priority. Hiring managers and HR partners are at a significant advantage when they’re able to maximize efficiency with a staffing strategy, recognizing the process may evolve over time. Hiring decisions must lend to an effective recruitment process to ensure shortlisted candidates are prioritized. When you can streamline your hiring process, you’ll realize the highest return on your organization’s investment in time, energy, and finances. When looking for above-average candidates, you may find that you need to work faster than normal to compete against competing offers. It’s important to act on the talent that can do the most for your organization. That’s why we are here to help.

Needle in the Haystack

Hiring managers collaborate with us to maximize their staffing success in identifying the highest quality candidate available in the market. Finding your perfect candidate starts with a review of what defines your "needle in a haystack." The first step in finding the perfect candidate is to define the job scope for our staffing specialists to review. Working to attract the highest performing talent is our definition of fun. If you’re going to work with a recruitment firm, invest in one that will challenge you to meet your needs and appreciate the process of building your team. An extensive knowledge in our local markets and talent database gives us a significant advantage when compared to other firms. Our on-the-ground staffing experience contributes the likelihood of you finding your ideal candidate, whether new to the industry or a veteran. Our work starts and ends with delivering innovative candidates to fit the goals for your organization.

Interviewing for the Perfect Candidate

After the resumes are in, interviewing begins. Effective interviewing for cultural fit in critical roles is imperative. This, combined with assessing industry experience and job-related skills can be overwhelming to take on yourself. And what happens when you think you’ve found the perfect candidate? Steal our secret sauce and find out for yourself.

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