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If you’re looking to get your foot in the door with a startup, don’t think you have to take a code camp or go back to school. Some of the most vital positions in VC-funded companies are the early hires. While there are plenty of options for finding careers as a developer or engineer, the quality, and quantity of options for non-technical roles (sales associates, recruiters, operations, customer service) can vary wildly. With several offices in the metropolitan area, our team at Premier has a unique view of the startups hiring and we’d like to outline a few of those roles. First time considering a staffing agency? We’ll walk through how the process works later on in this post. Is your resume ready? Below are some of the top job opportunities with Bay Area startups this year:

Sales / Customer

Good old sales jobs. You must love hustling, be able to demonstrate how data-driven you are and have the capacity to close. In the course of your work, you’ll engage dozens of potential customers, clients, or users. It could even be considered the backbone of the company because without sales associates closing deals, you’ll never grow to the next round. We admire commitment and connection to the entrepreneurial community. Sound like you?

Accounting / Finance

In order to assess which one’s the perfect fit for you, it’s important to think about how you can cultivate your strengths and where you can see yourself growing the most. If you have experience or a degree in Accounting or Finance, working at a startup will do more to accelerate your career than anything else out there — it’s a choice that’s bound to kick-drive the rest of your professional life.


As you can see, startups aren’t all about coding. Even if you’ve never programmed a day in your life, there are a ton of different non-technical positions for you to check out. One of the most undervalued as an entry-point to startup-land is a role as an administrative professional. For each startup and staff you work with, they will always be looking for organized, pragmatic yet flexible support. Each type of startup job requires a unique personality and a special way of approaching problems, and there’s no better way to turn little or no relevant startup experience into a career that could steer you into HR, marketing, sales, or operations.

Human Resources

Building a culture and growing a team? If that sounds like an ideal way to spend your day, consider what a role in human resources might look like. Experience preferred, though everyone starts somewhere, and our clients know that. If you do well in interviews or better yet - have experience conducting them - reach out and we’ll see how we can find a company that could use your talents towards recruiting, as a marketing manager, or more.


Every startup has one. It’s the magical role that somehow keeps the business running day-to-day. If you find your flow by multi-tasking and solving problems before they arise, consider what a frontline or operational role might look like for you. These positions are often less glamorous and have fewer Buzzfeed articles about them, yet this is an ideal starting place for you if can demonstrate experience seeing long, complex tasks complete to the end.

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