The Importance of Staying Current on Recruiting Trends

Looking for a job right now? Want to keep your profile on the up and up so you can quickly get jobs in the future? It pays to stay on top of recruiting trends to give yourself the best shot of quickly and effectively finding new work. This coming year, you can expect to see changes in the type of work you might get, in the usefulness of career sites, and in the importance of mobile recruiting.

The Gig Economy is Growing

We tend to think of permanent jobs as “good” and temporary jobs as a “necessary evil,” but increasingly, that mindset works against you. More and more companies are choosing to bring on contract help for big projects rather than hiring people. If you can get an ongoing string of gigs, you may find even more flexibility and satisfaction in your work. While this technically stretches the job search to… forever, it may work even better for your life.

The Career Site Model is Dropping

The widespread prevalence of artificial intelligence has all but negated the usefulness of career site models. While putting your resume up on Monster or Indeed, this does not always mean you will get a response. Some recruiters rely heavily on these services, however most internal and in-house recruiters do not pay much attention to the larger scale platforms.

Mobile is Growing

Mobile recruiting trends are among the most important new developments in coming years. With the growing emphasis on mobility, more candidates than ever are performing job search processes through their phones. Look for company websites that show up well on mobile, and if you must use career sites, you’ll be happy to know it’s usually pretty easy to access them from mobile devices. Your recruiting company should also have a user-friendly website optimized for viewing on phones and tablets.

Employer Branding Matters

You want a great job. Of course you do… which is where employer branding comes in. These days, good employees know the importance of branding and will do their best to stand out to you, the job seeker. If a company isn’t putting any obvious effort into their branding, then chances are they don’t intend to negotiate or put you first. #Next

Workplace Diversity Counts

More than ever, companies are emphasizing the importance of hiring diverse candidates. If you don’t have a stereotypically “diverse” background, don’t fret. You can show yourself to be a good addition to the team in many other ways, including diversity of talents or speaking multiple languages. Emphasize the importance of this to your recruiting agency, which will help you present your unique traits in the best light to prospective employers.

Recruiting Matters

Of course, the biggest recruiting trend remains this: Recruiting matters. Trying to find a job yourself these days is like trying to build a house yourself or fly to the moon yourself. Maybe you can make it happen, but probably not. Even if you do, the end product (your job) is less likely to be what you want. Don’t let that happen. Instead, get in touch with a top-quality recruiting firm such as Premier Talent Partners and let us know how we can help today.

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