Hiring Options for Bay Area Employers

The demand for good people is certainly not something new. Business executives commonly complain about the difficulty in finding and hiring producers. To handle this difficulty, hiring managers are taking new approaches to make hiring decisions.

Contract Staffing

Have you ever selected a job candidate based almost solely on that person's past work experience? Have you ever ignored a nagging doubt about a job prospect's attitude or personality, hired and later regretted your decision?Companies put too much emphasis on education and experience while neglecting two attributes essential in a successful candidate: personality traits and culture fit.

Temp-to-Direct Hire

Temp-to-perm enables companies to test an employee on-the-job before committing to direct employment. This trend has become popular because it alleviates some of an employer's fears of making an incorrect hiring decision.This strategy is an excellent way to lower the risk associated with the hiring decision. On the downside, however, many of the best applicants for a given job opening may be currently employed. These people are rarely willing to leave their current job for a temporary position even when the opportunity for permanent employment exists.


Payrolling is a service offered by most staffing services. Unlike staffing, which is a relatively new industry, payrolling has been around for a long time. In many respects, employee payrolling is like employee staffing. The mechanics are almost identical - a current employee is placed on the payroll of another firm. The payrolling firm is responsible for the payroll processing and administration including creating the paycheck, handling the statutory and governmental reporting, and supplying unemployment compensation.What most often differentiates payrolling from employee staffing is the scope of the agreement. Payrolling is frequently a project-based service used for temporary and other short- to medium-term personnel requirements. Staffing, in contrast, can evolve into a permanent solution to payroll and benefits administration needs. The question facing employers is: Why use either service?

A number of forces in the marketplace cause companies of all sizes to look at alternative staffing arrangements such as employee leasing and payrolling. One such force is the increasing regulatory burden of being an employer.

Government reporting, compliance, and administration are consuming an ever-increasing share of businesses' time and resources. At the same time, these organizations are being forced to "do more with less" due to increasing global competition and decreasing product life cycles.Is employee staffing or payrolling right for you? It depends on what your company is trying to accomplish. Both services increase productivity and reduce risk.Payrolling and staffing eliminate the paperwork, reporting and administrative burden of human resource management. For many small to medium-sized companies, these services provide key managers the freedom to focus on those activities which are most critical to the success of their businesses.Staffing or payrolling may provide your firm with solutions to the headaches of personnel selection and administration.

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