Hiring for Performance

At Premier Talent Partners, we have integrated our talent acquisition practices to enhance our ability to uncover the right talent, for the right role, at the right time. 

Attracting, Recruiting, & Selecting Top Talent Defines Our Ability To Support Bay Area Talent To Reach Their Full Potential

Can they do the work? Will they do the work? Will they fit?

  • It’s a strategic staffing approach; hiring office talent that benefits the workforce as a whole, considering current and future business needs.
  • It supports your effectiveness and efficiency - information identified in upfront conversations flows through to candidate sourcing, assessment, and selection - improving the quality of candidates and eventual hire.
  • It aligns with our company values and integrates with other talent management initiatives (e.g. payroll; benefits administration; workforce planning; succession management; etc.).

Technical & Behavioral Competencies

Hiring for performance involves both technical and behavioral competencies.

We define behavioral competencies as:

  • The underlying characteristics that enable people to deliver superior performance in a given role or situation
  • A means of looking at what someone does and how they do it
  • A systematic way to define and understand the behaviors used to attain outcomes and results
  • Technical competencies are technical knowledge, skills, and abilities required in specific roles.
  • They can be described as behaviors in relation to how technical knowledge and skills are applied – how an individual uses what they know to achieve outcomes and results in their work, from biotech to real estate.

From a Talent Acquisition perspective, technical and behavioral competencies are measurable:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Other personal characteristics predictive of successful job and organizational performance

Competencies are described in terms of the behaviors needed to successfully perform the work.

Behavior levels/indicators measured in interviews are highly specific, observable action that describes the performance level needed for the role of an ideal candidate and varies between the various positions and industries we staff. 

At Premier Talent Partners, we ensure candidates that can demonstrate the critical technical and behavioral competencies required to meet your unique office staffing needs.

Use Agencies To Hire Top Performers

Before candidates can picture you as their next employer, they need to know your goals and your organization to build trust and affinity. By investing in a dedicated staffing resource, you can immediately open the door to qualified talent. How you hire has a real impact on your bottom line, too; organizations that invest in strategic staffing spend less on hiring and have better employee retention.

Premier Talent Partners integrates cutting-edge talent acquisition practices to meticulously match the right candidates with the right roles at precisely the right time. Our strategic approach focuses on attracting, recruiting, and selecting top talent that not only meets current business needs but also anticipates future challenges. By emphasizing both technical prowess and behavioral competencies, we ensure candidates are equipped to deliver exceptional performance across diverse industries—from biotech to real estate. Elevate your hiring strategy, reduce costs, and foster long-term employee retention with Premier. Discover how our dedicated staffing resources can streamline your recruitment process and propel your organization toward sustained success. Partner with us today!

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