Fun Jobs that Pay Well in San Francisco

Are you interested in finding a fun job that pays well in San Francisco? Premier Talent Partners is working with several companies that are looking to hire for several positions you're sure to enjoy.

Let's admit it - no career is all sunshine and happy hours. While this may be the backdrop of drone-like desk jobs, you shouldn't rely on the 'perks' of a job to keep you motivated. More often than not, you'll have to actually enjoy your work - or at least appreciate it and not complain.Since 1998, the Premier team has grown and this has given us the chance to see how different types of job categories can help lost, wandering job seekers to a position that they not only enjoy but pays them more than they were making before. While employment agencies may not place you in the company where you'll retire, knowing the types of jobs available may be enough to begin heading in that direction.


Candidates placed in administrative jobs take pleasure in the fact that they are developing new opportunities for more participants. Being successful as an administrative assistant allows them to learn from their counterparts and increase jobs by introducing more people to the administrative field as a career or providing people with the skills they need to enter training programs. See openings.

Office Manager

Jobs in office management allow you to take a unique sense of responsibility. As no two days will ever be the same, you should enjoy building programs encouraging participants from the staff with which you work. You may be in charge of procurement while working with operations or responsible for hiring if working on a small team. Office management jobs offer a wide variety of flexibility. See openings.

Operations / Customer Support

Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy helping to find answers to others' problems? If solving problems for others is your idea of fun, you might enjoy an entry-level or management career in Operations and Customer Support. These are the types of jobs that will give you brief windows of time to accomplish major goals with minimal input from others. Sometimes you may face issues that cannot be solved - is that exciting or nerve-wracking? See openings.

HR Jobs

You will always remember your first recruiter, so make it a good one! The contract, temporary, and permanent HR/recruiting jobs are a surefire way to spend your workweek supporting others seeking employment. You'll also have the chance to work with companies that need candidates. While the scale of human resources jobs varies by need and company size, you will undoubtedly make an impact when you create and support programs that enable diversity in hiring and career satisfaction. See openings.

Data Entry

Nerd Alert! Are you constantly improving your WPM speed? Is data collection a topic you follow on social media? Ensuring that applications maintain data integrity is a cruel job for some but a dream for others. Data-related jobs with Premier clients allow you to evaluate success in many ways other customer-facing positions may not. If you enjoy working with data and can grit your way through any data entry tasks, you can start your career path by applying for a data entry job. See openings.

Marketing / PR

Last, but not least. At its core, marketing is about creating a social hub. While most any job on our job board may include some aspect related to marketing, outreach, or promotion, not everyone is cut out for the collaboration required to master marketing and public relations. When in doubt, you might want to browse our marketing jobs to see how you can leverage your fun experience planning events or designing fliers. You may learn how to meet business needs, or be tasked with expanding and replicating best practices for a larger team. See openings.

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