Fastest Growing Industries in California

California is the largest state economy in the entire United States. This is because of the large workforce (approximately 14 million). California is also home to diverse industries such as healthcare, construction, technology, and venture capital. Even industries that are currently relocating to search for cheaper labor are experiencing growth in California.

Following are some of the fastest growing industries in California.


With our aging population, jobs in the healthcare industries are growing at a rate that is faster than overall employment rates. California is no exception to this trend. The recent changes in the healthcare industry have brought about a new healthcare technology industry with electronic health records acting as the driving force behind healthcare informatics and biotechnology.Read more: Biotech Jobs, Hiring in Healthcare


The 2009 recession hit California especially hard. However, in the last few years, the economic recovery has also swept across California and the construction and commercial real estate industries are back on track. Construction is the fastest growing industry in California, employing 5% of the private workforce. Commercial construction is the driving force behind the industry growth as businesses and civil plans are back on track.Read more: Hiring Staff in Construction, Commercial Real Estate


California has long been known for the Silicon Valley and the strong technology and information sectors. Information giants such as Google and Facebook are based in California. In addition to software and internet businesses, there are technology firms that design and build electronics, computers, and other supporting hardware. As the world we live in becomes increasingly digital, the demand for technology and information will continue to keep this industry alive and growing at an exciting rate in California.Read more: Staffing Temp Office Staff in the Bay Area


California recently pulled out of a prolonged funding drought. The improved capital conditions in California will help companies in the venture-backed, non-profit, Fintech, and finance industries to go back to becoming the country’s leading producer of startups, charities, apps, and financing options. Along with producing these products and services for global consumption, California is a leader in hiring top-tier talent as well. It has become less expensive to provide the temporary staff necessary to support category growth trends. That signifies that these industries will become some of the fastest growing sectors in California.Read more: VC Firms Hiring, Venture Capital Job OpeningsSUMMARYInvestopedia has published a list of the top industries driving GDP growth. If you are interested in living and working in California, take the time to do your research. What are the fastest growing industries in California that fit your experience? If your dream job title fits into one on our job board, apply today. California’s economy continues to thrive even in spite of recessions, drought, and other economic factors.

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