Employees Can Advocate For Workplace DEI Too

Advocating for DEI in the Workplace

The employer advantages of a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce are clear:● Diverse teams are 35% more productive than non-diverse teams.● Inclusive companies are 1.7 times as likely to be innovation leaders.● Companies in the top quartile for diversity were between 25%-36% more likely to experience above-average profitability.Another powerful motivator for employers to actively support DEI strategies is that diversity is important to job seekers. A Glassdoor survey reports that 76% of employees and job seekers feel that a diverse workforce is an important factor when they are considering job offers.During this tight labor market, candidates may find that they can demand—and receive—more from employers than ever before regarding DEI initiatives. After two years of near-constant upheaval, this is the good kind of change.But how can employees or candidates advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion and continue the momentum for positive change? Here are 4 tips to keep DEI top-of-mind and initiate conversations surrounding diversity in the workplace:

Share—and Listen to—Stories

It can be difficult for people of different abilities and backgrounds to understand the experiences of others. Sharing and hearing real-life examples of discrimination, bias, and mistreatment can help us connect to and understand what others go through in the workplace. Our experiences, hardships, and successes prove that we all have at least one thing in common: we’re human. And sharing these stories can help create empathy and understanding among diverse groups of people. If you are interviewing for a position, maybe ask how the company creates space for people to share their unique knowledge and experience.

Welcome Disagreement

It’s important to remember that creating an environment where differences are celebrated means not everyone will agree all the time. Conflict—especially about a subject as charged as diversity—can make many people uncomfortable. However, it’s important for all voices to be heard, even if they don’t align with the majority. Even agreeing to disagree or recognizing can help move toward a more inclusive future. People’s views are generated by their backgrounds and experiences(re: their differences), and as such someone may have a more nuanced understanding of certain topics. Recognizing that – even if you don’t agree – can be powerful in expanding your own understanding as well.

Support DEI Groups

If your organization has employee resource groups available, lend your support or become an ally. If such a group doesn’t exist, consider starting one for employees you share a particular identity with. Having a place where historically unrepresented employees are able to voice their concerns is a powerful step toward change – especially if you can encourage workplace leadership to be involved.

Tell Your Recruiter

Working with a staffing agency can help you spend significantly less time looking for a company that shares your values. By sharing your DEI priorities with your recruiter, they can match you with companies that share your DEI goal. An inclusive staffing agency can help you find a job in a diverse and welcoming workplace.

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