Common Staffing Situations in the Bay Area Business Environment

Do you have a hiring freeze stopping you from hiring someone? Do you have a deadline or a special project? Do you need to reduce tax risks associated with 1099 independent contractors?

Finding temporary staff can be a significant resource drain for your company

Even the time it takes to evaluate a candidate's skills prior to employment can waste time if the candidate doesn't work out, let alone payrolling headaches that inevitably occur once you decide to onboard the right candidate.

Premier Talent Partners works with Bay Area organizations daily to understand the intricacies of their unique hiring needs. Premier also helps find qualified candidates and can serve as an outsourced payroll service provider in the event that you want to provide consistent paychecks and benefits to your temporary staff.

Currently, Premier assists in the following markets for Bay Area businesses: direct-hire placements, contract staffing, payrolling services, and contract-to-hire conversions. 

Why are so many Bay Area businesses using contract staffing services to supplement their workforce?

The advantages can be summed up by demonstrating how contract staffing will reduce employment costs, increase staff flexibility, avoid complicated staffing snafus, try before you buy, and maintain tight budget control.

Reduce Employment Costs with Staffing Companies

One of the best ways you can reduce your employment costs is by removing workers' compensation exposure and claims. This is a resolute way to protect your organization against unfortunate future events. Temporary staff will receive benefits that can add up, such as medical, dental, vision, life, and 401(k). How do you handle holidays, vacations, and sick time? Staffing companies will incur this expense, reducing your administrative costs. While benefits are nice to have, staffing companies thrive due to their demand for reducing or removing costs related to hiring and onboarding. Without pesky administrative costs for payroll withholding, etc, you can be sure you'll have minimized the risk of IRS and state audits due to worker misclassification. In addition to removing risks and providing ancillary benefits, Bay Area companies also outsource to employment agencies to affect staffing flexibility.

Bay Area Employment Agencies Offer Staff Flexibility

The most desirable state is to have a staffing strategy that perfectly coordinates staffing levels to your project requirements. Companies that outsource staffing understand that it’s not a perfect system, yet for some organizations, they simply don't need a lengthy direct hire placement. Quick, competent staff can be a cornerstone for some of the fastest-growing organizations in the world, yet the simplicity of staffing often isn't fully appreciated until you consider what happens when someone leaves your company. A principal benefit of using a staffing agency for talent acquisition comes down to the ability to terminate the contract placement at any time. The nature of employment agencies is to have a full, capable pipeline of people for you to add into your organizational mix. With the added benefit of being able to add resources through a purchase order instead of utilizing a capital budget, you can significantly append the proper resources without incurring expenses for an elongated onboarding process. Even if you do have direct hire needs or a complicated staffing matrix, you won't experience the full effect unless you engage in what is commonly referred to as Single-Source Staffing.

Single-Source Staffing Ability

Single-source staffing allows you to review and select from temporary and direct-hire candidates. The process typically looks the same for all companies:

  1. Interview and assess during the contract period
  2. Evaluate how the candidate fits your corporate culture
  3. Maintain Budget Controls
  4. Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion
  5. Secure additional labor needed for projects
  6. Eliminate unnecessary overhead

For one, implementing a single-source staffing strategy will reduce the complications that arise from burdensome invoice payment processing. Since employment agencies allow you to try before you buy, the odds that you'll iterate through a sequence of multiple candidates is likely, assuming you're looking to onboard for a funded startup or an entire department of a firm with global name recognition. One of the major downfalls of having a limited local talent pool is that you can become reliant on using multiple vendors to staff your workforce. That puts a resource strain on your hiring staff and causes unnecessary strain. Staffing companies that have the ability to serve as your single source can assist you by becoming the go-to staffing resource that works with your internal hiring manager to handle the most problematic and potentially costly procedures related to hiring and firing temporary or contract staff. 

We Are Here To Help

As you can see there is a wide range of benefits for contractors and companies when it comes to using a staffing company to resolve complicated situations that are common in the Bay Area. Our partner organizations enjoy greater employee retention by offering quality benefits. As the legal W-2 employer, our back office pays the contract employees weekly and offers second-to-none benefits. Contact our team today to request talent and learn more about using Premier for your talent acquisition needs.

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