Common Resume Challenges

There are several different challenges you could face when entering the job market based on your background and experience. Don’t worry, there are several ways that you can address these challenges in a positive way to ensure your resume will be noticed by hiring managers.Read through the challenges you may face and learn how to address them in your resume.

Returning to the Workforce/Gaps in Employment

You might be returning to the workforce after a gap in employment for a variety of reasons. If you do have gaps in your employment a functional or combination resume can be effective. The key is to highlight the positive (required skills) while you minimize the negative (gaps in employment).Using volunteer or short-term positions can help fill in the dates while providing current and important skills. Do not indicate if the job was voluntary, full-time or part-time and use years for dates instead of months. Years of service can be substituted for date ranges. It is often beneficial to indicate when jobs are temporary as it helps reduce the appearance of job-hopping.

Perceived Lack of Accomplishments or Skills

Everyone has accomplishments. Your challenge is to recognize and present them in a positive way. Highlighting accomplishments, instead of responsibilities, helps your resume stand out among the competition. Think about employment or relevant volunteer experiences, hobbies, teams or organizations in which you have been involved.Ask yourself questions to help identify your accomplishments: What have you accomplished that you feel was a job well done? Have you been selected, appreciated or recognized for something by an employer? What problems have you solved?

Young Job Seekers

If you are a young worker you should include all work experiences that helped you gain experience and knowledge, including positions as a part-time employee and/or volunteer. If you lack a traditional employment history, organize your resume by qualifying skills instead of by employer.

Experienced Job Seekers

More experienced workers should not include their entire employment history. Include the most recent employment history for about 15 years and remove older dates from the “Education” section. When related experiences go further than 15 years, include them in the “Summary of Qualifications” section. This allows you to showcase qualifications you may have started developing decades ago.

Highlight your technology skills

Show you’re connected – job seekers should have an electronic footprint and be searchable on social and professional networking sites.Leave outdated technology out of your resume.

Changing Industries or Careers

Develop a list of transferable skills (skills used in previous jobs that are necessary for your target occupation) and then organize your resume to highlight those skills.

Lack of a Solid Career Focus

If you do not know what you are looking for, how will you know that you found it? A job search can be overwhelming, but not knowing what you are looking for makes it even more difficult.

Multiple Career Options

Sending a generic resume to a potential employer is not the best approach for a job search. Minor adjustments to how you describe your skills and qualifications will be needed as your targeted position changes. Begin by ranking targeted occupations according to your priorities: such as job opportunities, salary ranges, your interest and possible ease of entering the potential workplace. Craft a resume and conduct a job search for the occupation you want the most.Job seekers only need to worry about submitting the best version of their resume to our team. One of our Recruiting Associates will reach out regarding potential opportunities and next steps. During that step, you’ll be able to address any issues listed above that may relate to your job search.

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