How To Attract Top Tech Talent

The demand for top-performing tech talent is higher than ever as the tech sector continues to evolve and companies opt to remain remote or adopt an ongoing hybrid structure. Now, it’s not just tech companies and the FAANGs of the world fighting for top tech talent; companies of all sizes across various industries are also in need of growing numbers of IT professionals. Attracting tech top talent comes down to more than just the pay rate. Tech professionals are delving into the big picture of what a company has to offer, and are considering more than you might think.  Here are a few ways your company can attract talent during a tight talent market:

Cover The Basics

Offering a competitive wage and benefits package is a must in this job market. Candidates are in demand and often have several offers when job hunting. Researching to remain competitive can be the difference between being optimally staffed or woefully understaffed.

Provide Flexibility

During the pandemic, tech workers came to value the flexibility to work where, when, and how they wanted more than ever before. Offering schedule flexibility is fast becoming table stakes in the tech industry, and top talent expects you to meet their needs.

Highlight Career Growth Opportunities

Emphasizing that your company wants to grow and develop its talent can often tip the scales in your favor. Technical career progression opportunities, mentorship by senior staff, and the chance to solve complex problems are very attractive to a growing number of tech professionals. This cohort of workers wants to be a part of a company that values their contributions but also wants to help them stay at the top of their game. Millennial and Gen Z candidates particularly value a clear path of advancement within a company.

Emphasize Company Culture

Sharing the company's “why,” along with its mission, goals, and values can help your company stand out to tech talent who share the same values. Connecting to a higher purpose and working in an environment with other motivated, high-performing individuals can also lure today’s tech job seekers.

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Show DEIB Commitment

In a survey of 8,233 adults employed across the US, 78% said it’s important for them to work at an organization that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. The positive effects of DEIB are well-researched and have become a significant factor in candidates’ decision-making. 

Experience rules in the tech workforce today, and testing objectively for skill sets—instead of relying on degrees or credentials—can help you find the talent you need faster. Many companies are finding talent and growing their company’s talent pool by scouting places where underrepresented candidates display their tech skills. Improving DEI in your recruiting efforts and pulling from a wider talent pool can make your company more attractive to job seekers who want to work with top talent in a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment.

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