Attracting and Retaining Talent is a Top Priority

Staffing your company is critical to your company’s success. After all, if you take all of the talent out of your office, what’s left? With this in mind, let’s take some time on the most important considerations when attracting and retaining top talent in your company.First, let’s take a look at retaining the talent you currently have. Have you had any employees leave recently? The number one reason they want to leave, if they aren’t thinking about it already, is opportunity. Once someone is on the payroll, it’s only a countdown until they’re on their way out. What does that mean for you?

45% of employees who left companies cited concern over a lack of advancement opportunity - Job Switchers Global Report (LinkedIn)

It all comes down to support. When your employees feel as though there is buy-in and support for their ongoing work, they see the best opportunity as right in front of them. When companies keep their staff active, engaged and supported, they create fans internally. This sentiment spreads like wildfire, and this is the reason why companies like social media scheduling app Buffer can keep employees satisfied without the need to buy a single desk or a square foot of office space. In addition to granting the ability to work from anywhere, Buffer also uses a form of the buddy system to help integrate new employees and create a supportive social climate. With both a culture buddy and a growth buddy, new hires feel at home in less than a month. Anyone with experience in human resources shudders at the idea of the logistical nightmare of coordinating eighty employees in more than fifty countries to have ‘office friends’ within ten days of signing the paperwork. It’s all a part of being engaged, because the opposite is costly, to say the least.

$3,400 for every $10,000 is the salary cost of disengaged employees - A Bad Brand Can Cost You Millions (LinkedIn)

Good talent is hard enough to come by, and there are limits to how far small- to medium-sized organizations can extend themselves to be as inviting as Buffer. Zappos has even adopted the strategy of paying new hires to leave - with a bonus - if they’re unhappy after the first month. So let’s say that you have an office full of employees and there’s an identified need for one more. What do you expect will keep your existing employees around while making room for the next staff or temp-hire? Even if you don’t have to pay them a bonus when they leave. Before we discuss the idea of how to find and hire your next employee, let’s talk specifically about your priorities, and the priorities of 15,000 CEOs as compared from 2017 to 2018.

Workforce has risen rapidly this year to become the fourth-biggest priority, up from seventh in 2017. The number of CEOs mentioning workforce in their top three priorities rose from 16 percent to 28 percent. When asked about the most significant internal constraints to growth, employee and talent issues were at the top. CEOs said a lack of talent and workforce capability is the biggest inhibitor of digital business progress.

If attracting your workforce is a top concern, let’s take a look at the basics. First, you’re going to have to do a cost-benefit analysis of how to find the most capable talent. Then you have to make sure you’re giving them all the attention that keeps them around until they’re hired or ruled out. Then you need them to stick around and fall in love with the company you’ve spent your career and livelihood building. At least, this is the Premier perspective on what deserves attention:

How talent finds you

At the core of recruiting is sourcing. Whether for a full-time, part-time, or temp-to-hire role, posting jobs on a job board once and hoping for the best is no longer an option. It’s not guaranteed that those visitors to your website will be ideal candidates either. If you’re going to truly invest in the ability to identify and capture the truly most capable personnel, you have to work with a company that is dedicated, and incentivized, to do it right the first time. Companies like Premier, that only focus on staffing, see attrition all the time. When it comes to the following roles and industries, this is our bread and butter. These are our industries:Venture CapitalTechnologySaas/ SoftwareStaffing/RecruitingMediaNon For ProfitHealthcareFood & BeverageFinTechEducationConstructionCommercial Real EstateCloud InfrastructureBiotechnologyBanking & Finance

How talent is presented

To keep it simple, let’s assume the first applicant for your new position isn’t the best. That being said, you’ll always need more candidates than will be hired. If your position is even remotely technical, there will be hoops candidates need to jump through. This turns into someone at your company poring over seemingly countless resumes. This is another innovative strategy incorporated with staffing firms: you’re only presented top candidates based on what you’re looking for in a candidate. Do you care how many resumes come in for the position, or are you only looking for attractive talent interested in joining your organization? Staffing firms can distill the many to the few. That enables you to keep up the good work.

How talent is measured

Unlike Buffer, most companies don’t have a buddy system set up to help each and every new hire integrate culturally and feel welcome their first day. Starting a new job can be a daunting process for both candidates and companies. Do you think there’s a better way to approach this scenario? That’s where Premier can assist you. With a strict onboarding process that relieves you from the complexities of finding the right person, you also get directed attention on what matters most: tactical support in the onboarding process. You’ll get a list of exactly how we think your candidate can meet and exceed the expectations you have. When you let us focus on the small, pragmatic steps, you have time to prepare for the big ones.

Take The Next Step

When working with Premier Talent Partners you get more than great talent. We strive to become a resource for our clients by providing them with tools and resources to improve internal processes that affect retaining talent. And we're not selfish, we often recommend tools pioneered by forward-thinking companies in our space such as Humanity. Their guide to employee onboarding is a stellar example of how we utilize a vast knowledge base and our network to provide our clients with exceptional consulting. To see just how impressed you can be with your staffing solution, reach out to us or request talent today.

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