6 Signs You'll Be A Great Event Planner

Are you interest in a career as an Event Planner or Event Coordinator?Getting hired as an Event Planner means that you'll have to work in a fast-paced, ever-changing, and highly satisfying environment. At Premier Talent Partners, we meet candidates every day that embody the core qualities required to perform in such a role, and the opportunities are endless. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Am I fit to work in the Event planning industry?Check out these 6 signs you might be perfect for some of our open roles with California and New York companies looking to hire Event Planners and Event Coordinators.1. You're Up For A ChallengeRight now you may be working in a dead end job or have the career of your dreams. Event planning thrives on daily, fulfilling work with a company you'll love. Event Coordinators have the opportunity to be appreciated through their hard work and effort to provide support to corporate meeting and event planning companies. It will likely be tough in the first few days while you're getting the hang of it, so it helps if you're already driven to get a job in event planning.2. You're A ProfessionalEvent planning professionals often maintain a professional demeanor. You are always marketing for the company you work for, and event staffing firms pay attention to which candidates can be both enthusiastic and confident in their work. Often, Event Coordinator roles through a staffing agency will allow you to network and properly represent yourself. Networking is huge! Some just need help making those first connections. An event contractor placement may be just what you need to kick off a career in an exciting field.3. Your To-Do Lists Gets DoneAction-oriented thinking will get you far; this is exactly what companies want when they hire a temporary Event Planner. You'll have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate your creative side, but remember you'll be organizing days down to the finest detail. When you find a contract-to-hire Event Coordinator job, you'll be expected to juggle clients, vendors, assistants, along with your own schedule. While it may help in your consideration, prior event planning experience is not a disqualifier as long as you can demonstrate your ability to complete the job with a good attitude. Companies requesting permanent event staff appreciate marketing, sales, and hospitality experience, so be sure to include that in your application.4. You Can Keep CalmEnthusiasm is important in any work environment - it keeps momentum in the office and that can build over time. However, some of your days may be spent negotiating, making calls, and other tedious aspects of event planning. You should be passionate and dedicated in your work, but you'll also have to be patient and consistent when you're on the clock coordinating with vendors and clients. Stressful days may sneak up on you every once in a while, so it helps if you can keep from becoming annoyed or overwhelmed easily. You'll be a promising candidate if you're the type to remain calm and practical.5. Deadlines Are Your FriendAre you a fan of GSD? You'll be no stranger to pressure as an Event Coordinator. You need to be productive, and be ready to tackle timelines. Event planning jobs can be boiled down to setting goals, meeting them quickly, and taking action to stay ahead of schedule. Being an Event Planner means getting used to having high standards while being flexible with routines. You'll be responsible for meeting deadlines rain or shine, and that means embracing your daily dose of deadlines.6. You Work Well Under PressureThe hard truth is that no matter how organized you are, you'll have to deal with circumstances out of your control. Event planning professionals learn to adapt to changes on short notice and accommodate those that aren't responsible for your timelines. If you can work well under pressure, you may be prepared for the types of challenges and opportunities that will assuredly come your way as an Event Planner.A CAREER IN THE CORPORATE MEETING AND EVENT PLANNING INDUSTRYWith some hard work and perspiration, you'll do fine as an event planning professional. It's a rare opportunity to make your dream career a reality. You will be able to work hard, use your creativity, all you have to do is step up to the plate.If you've been wanted to explore a career path in event planning, take the first step today. If you meet the qualities described in this list, you're already well on your way.

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