Position, Industry and Inclusivity-Based Hiring

Out-of-the-box hires are less common than you think. Finding the right person for a position can take time. Recruiters aren’t looking for peripheral candidates, they want to hit the bullseye.

So if you know you’ll need to get a healthy number of candidates to identify your top talent, how do you let the masses know you’re hiring?

An ineffective strategy would be competing with the robots to try and hunt for resumes. Unless you have a well-developed internal hiring team, and even then, you can’t rely on your employer brand to find you the most qualified candidates in the time you have to fill the position. Your industry and the desired job function should help you align with how to approach your search, and you may find staffing agencies to be the answer to our question.

How It Works

For those of us that work in a hiring function, you can easily glaze over the useless resumes that fly across the desk. Improper grammar, misaligned margins, and blatant typos cripple the candidate, but you shouldn’t have to worry about screening for this.

Modern-day hiring often comes down to using specialized vendors to assist in organizational recruitment practices. As we’ve been bringing job seekers and talent together, we’ve carved out a name for ourselves in a few areas that might help you make your next hiring decision.

Position-Based Hiring

You may notice the five major job types we staff (Operations, Customer Support, Sales, Marketing, Administrative, and Human Resources.)

These are the powerhouse professions that bring job seekers and employers to us. It may seem like a lot, but in reality, there are decades of experience behind our company. By working with the Bay Area businesses – from non-profits to startups – we’ve made strong connections across all sectors. While this has allowed us to increase our number of available qualified candidates. What’s more is how we’ve been able to follow trends and bring talent to the largest and most innovative industries in the process.

Industry-Based Hiring

As with most roles, some industries can be more difficult to break into, especially in highly specialized markets or emerging fields. For this reason, we have grown our capabilities to serve 15 industries.

Is a focus on industry that important? If you want to reduce turnover, yes. 

Working with our specialists you will have the opportunity to consider fresh and seasoned candidates. Instead of receiving resumes with potentially low or no context to your firm, you’ll be given tailored candidate recommendations that align with the ideal hire. This is certainly true in the industries we cover, and may likely resonate with yours as well.

Diversity-Based Hiring

Interested in building diversity in your culture? A recent study by Deloitte highlights that inclusive hiring practices are getting attention from executives. This is key to bridging the talent gap with diversity recruitment, and an ethical argument to be made for equity in the workplace.

Inclusive hiring practices have an articulated advantage, both in financial performance and in general levels of innovation. Being around others from different backgrounds have been shown to make people more creative and hardworking. Drawing on multiple perspectives leads teams to see a greater number of solutions to problems.

Ready to get started? Download our Employer Guide for more hiring tips and tricks.