Outsourcing Payroll vs Web-Based Platforms

Payrolling through an Outsourced Partner isn’t for everyone. In fact, we sometimes recommend apps such as Gusto as services that anyone with wifi can use. This is a healthy first step when you’re onboarding your first employee.

You get an email with information and never expect to hear from anyone. It’s very automated, which is fine. If you’re looking to hire someone to payroll from Christmas to New Years, it’s a no-brainer.

As a full-service HR, Payrolling and Contingent Workforce Management Solution, Premier Talent Partners probably isn’t the best payrolling service to use if you’re looking for business solutions in the App Store.

We’re more than an app. We’re doing more than just writing paychecks. High level service, high level touch, personal connection. More than payrolling, it’s having a phone number and an email with a real person that goes much further than a digital help desk.

Cloud-based payrolling can be technical and complicated, which leaves out a level of comfort and knowledge that comes with having an account manager to answer your questions – no wifi required.


Tradeoffs & Benefits

Payroll is a foundational aspect of your company to keep human capital operating – fueling production and sales. It can be resource intensive, and every company in your industry has to deal with the same trivial payrolling issues that you do. Done is better than perfect, but anything less than perfect and you may have tax penalties to deal with if you’re not careful.

What are your options to keep management and contingent staff happy? Should you outsource your payroll activities to the company your competitors use or tie up in-house resources with the limited capabilities of a SaaS app?

SaaS and Managed Payroll

Payroll apps allow you to purchase as a subscription which can be used by your in-house HR or payroll administrator. This is useful to own the payroll process when you have a limited employee count.

Managed Payroll or Outsourced HR services are unique in that they leverage payroll experts outside of your company to maintain and process payroll. This allows you to focus on your core business.

SaaS Payroll is a Quick Fix

Drag and drop payroll solutions offer timely benefits for brand new organizations. Packaged solutions instantly allow you to feel in control of a fairly limited payroll system and financial tools.

HR managers appreciate an intuitive interface to feel in control of data, and the ease of automation on payroll software platforms. SaaS payroll is an effective solution to consider when comparing whether you should outsource to a payroll partner.

Managed Payroll is Comprehensive

As organizations growth they want to lower costs and look at ways to increase efficiencies. Trusted Payroll and HR service providers offer both of these as solutions to processing payroll through a person, not an app.

Benefits of managed HR solutions include:

  • Increased level of comfort for clients
  • Decreased pressure on in-hour HR resources
  • Lifecycle management (from hire to retire)
  • Error-free payroll cycles

The Key to a Perfect Payroll Cycle

Often, when you think payroll, you think salaries. But ask your HR department and they will have an entirely different response. The key to successful HR lies in the scalability and effectiveness of employee-level payroll and benefits administration activities.

Premier Talent Partners can help you select the right payroll service–as well as coach you on switching to a new one. In addition to offering up the nitty gritty on payroll services, we will simplify the industry and empower you with the solid working knowledge to apply to your search for a provider.

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