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Recruiter Jobs

recruiter jobs with premier talent partners

Recruiter Staffing & Placement

One of the positions our clients are always looking for is human resources professionals to join their team. This is often a rapidly expanding role and you will need to use your previous experience and show initiative in order to fully carve out your contribution to the high-performance culture.

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In some organizations, joining at the recruiting level will give you responsibilities that may support those of chief executive officers. Depending upon the depth and breadth of the position, in general, recruiting professionals should have knowledge of the following:

  • You will be responsible for the organization and details at the launch of candidate searches, as well as utilizing all applicable resources to build initial lists of potential candidates.
  • You will be developing research strategies, conducting in-depth research and providing short-lists of qualified and interested candidates to the Hiring Managers and the Recruitment team.
  • Solve problems and produce solutions by collecting and analyzing data, identifying alternatives when circumstances change and seeking out responsibilities beyond the job.
  • Creating and improving processes across the whole recruitment lifecycle whilst maintaining high-quality candidate experience as well as hires.
  • Responsibility and involvement in a variety of projects, which could include Employer Branding, Events, Interview Training, Reporting and many more
  • Mentoring and managing members of the Recruitment Team.

Recruiting Career Growth:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • HR Generalist
  • Recruiter
  • Senior Recruiter
  • Recruiting Manager

What Companies Look For In Recruiters

If companies want to hire a recruiter, there is a tactile sense of what recruiters need to be aware of, and below you will quickly determine whether you should apply for a recruiting role with Premier Talent Partners.

  • You have experience of partnering with senior hiring managers to use all kinds of tools and resources to source the best, most wasted talent in the world.
  • Proven ability to consistently and positively contribute in a high-paced, changing work environment with the ability to prioritize multiple functions and tasks and manage time efficiently.
  • Experience partnering with senior hiring managers and offering sound advice on candidates, team growth, and hiring practices.
  • You are adaptable and adept at switching contexts constantly.
  • You have a consultative, results-driven approach to recruitment whilst maintaining a high quality of hires.
  • You have experience driving initiatives which improve both candidate and hiring manager experience.
  • Excellent analytical skills and consulting experience.
  • You have used cutting-edge recruitment practices and resourcing strategies and have implemented innovative and creative approaches. You are open to new ways of working and are always learning.
  • Ideally, you have experience managing Recruitment Coordinators and Sourcers.

What Do Recruiters Do?

A recruiter acts as their company’s ambassador. They’re usually the first person candidates interact with and they’re usually responsible for making (or breaking) good candidate experience. Bad candidate experience is just a Glassdoor comment away from tanking your employer brand and good recruiters are aware of that. Treating your applicants well (or poorly) is a reflection of your company culture. As a recruiter, if you keep canceling interviews last minute, candidates will probably think you’re disorganized. Being impolite or failing to provide prompt responses indicates your company might not respect its own employees. You’ll also be encouraged to acknowledge your candidates’ skills – it shows that your company trusts its employees and recognizes their achievements.

How Much Can You Make As An Administrative Professional?

    • With salaries rising for administrative assistant jobs, it’s a great time to be an administrative professional.
    • According to the OfficeTeam Salary Guide, administrative hiring in the U.S. continues to move in a positive direction as companies fill vacancies and add new positions to keep up with rising workloads.
    • And the future is looking bright in terms of salaries, too. On average, a senior administrative assistant in the U.S. can expect to earn between $41,250 and $53,000 per year — a 3.9 percent increase over 2016 — whereas an administrative assistant can expect to pull in between $33,250 and $45,250.

Thinking Ahead As A Recruiter

Recruiters who add value to their company don’t just wait for a job opening announcement to start looking for candidates. They’ve started building pipelines and they keep in touch with past applicants. They engage passive candidates and create a strong network. They know where to look for experienced candidates and how to meet new talent in the most unexpected places. They’re not afraid to explore, and benefit from, social media recruiting. If they see a department growing, they collaborate with managers to forecast their hiring needs. They attend HR events to stay up-to-date with recruitment trends. HR is all about development – for employees and companies alike – and a good Recruiter keeps that in mind.

How To Be Successful As A Recruiter

At the end of the day, a successful Recruiter is someone who has mastered the basics. If they’re not familiar with labor legislation, they could run the risk of asking illegal interview questions. Or, if they say the wrong things when sending emails to candidates, they could totally hijack their company’s recruiting efforts. To increase their effectiveness, good Recruiters use different interview processes for each role. Recruiters need to treat their candidates with respect and professionalism. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to work with Premier Talent Partners in your search for a career in Recruiting.


Benefits of working with Premier

Premier is here to ensure that you get the most out of your new position, whether as a contractor or an internal position. See the full list of benefits below, and reach out when you’re ready to consider growing your career with Premier.

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Paid Holiday & Sick Time
  • Perks & Discount Program
  • Employer Paid Health Insurance
  • Internal Perks & Rewards
  • Paid Vacation & Time Off
  • Financial & Retirement Plans
  • Family & Parenting Leave