Introducing “HR in a Box” by Premier Talent Partners

Human resources just got a lot easier with HR IN A BOX. Containing everything you might need to get started, HR IN A BOX is our secret sauce. We have gathered and packaged over 20 years of expertise, and we’re sharing that expertise with you! Increase the performance of your team and ensure compliance with just ONE resource.

HR in a Box was created to provide organizations with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to establishing lasting human resource practices.

Since 1998, Premier has remained steadfast in disrupting the once-antiquated recruiting industry. Having broken down the walls of brick and mortar, we’re excited to expand our reach and impact everywhere – and to share our secrets to success.

We’ve crafted a suite of tools intended to assist developing and well-established companies on their HR journey. We believe that structure and consistency are key when it comes to the role human resources departments play within organizations.

In HR in a Box, we provide a full-cycle roadmap encompassing each employee’s first day to their last, which will help you plan better, save time, and streamline your HR processes so you never miss a step.

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