Welcome back, once again! Thank you for following along with HR IN A BOX! Now that we’ve covered Part 1 (Pre-Employment + Compliance Toolkit), Part 2 (Recruiting Toolkit), Part 3 (Onboarding Toolkit), and Part 4 (Employee Development Toolkit) of HR in a Box, we continue on to Part 5!

Part 5 of HR IN A BOX contains the Culture Toolkit.

We will cover the importance of a strong organizational culture and how keeping employees active and passionately engaged shows through your values and norms and must be reevaluated frequently. How you hire, assess performance, and maintain relationships between your current and future staff and customers will drive how others feel about
your company. Mission-driven organizations can thrive in any environment because the baseline for their decision-making is rooted in a positive success framework.

The Culture Toolkit contains the following: 

  • Establishing Company Values: Values play a huge part in shaping a company’s identity and must
    be embraced across the board to have an impact. Employees care intensely about the organizational values, which is noticed by a spike in business performance. Motivating employees and building behavior toward a shared vision and goals will benefit your company if done properly.
  • Creating a Company Vision: A variety of factors influence your organization’s vision. This includes the values of the founders, demands from the industry, and the assumptions others make about your goals and values. Easy wins to impact and create a thriving organizational culture come down to a bulletproof mission statement, success stories, office accommodations, and the rules and rituals that apply to those who work there.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) are more than just buzzwords. These four ideas work symbiotically to improve workplace dynamics, workflow, productivity, and the community of any organization. When a company decides to incorporate these as core values, they see a genuine shift in culture and the success of the business.
  • Remote Work Policy: In the wake of COVID-19, we witnessed a massive shift towards remote work – a shift that we expect to be a catalyst for remote work across the board. The reality is, although remote work will not be ideal for every organization and every industry, it is definitely here to stay.

In this installment of our “Ask The Expert” video series, Natalie Stones (VP of Business Development) will be joined by Krista Tan (President) to review the Culture Toolkit in detail. If you haven’t already done so, download a preview of HR IN A BOX now!

Part 6 of HR IN A BOX will conclude our review series, with a review of the final installment of HR IN A BOX, the Offboarding Toolkit, which will guide you through a comprehensive Employee Offboarding Checklist and Exit Interview Guidelines.