How To Put Candidates First

Premier Talent Partners expands your workforce. How? By analyzing candidates data at records speeds and making predictions that guide the strategy of your diverse and growing teams.

Anticipate Demand

Knowing what your candidates want is far more powerful than knowing what they have been doing. Premier Talent Partners empowers employers to tell talent exactly why they’re hiring. For many industries in the Bay Area, only Premier Talent Partners office staffing offers a seamless staffing experience across sourcing, interviewing and payroll functions, allowing the delivery of contract or direct hire staffing at scale.

With Premier Talent Partners Office Staffing Solutions, You Can Put Customers First

Across the value chain of human resources and hiring, our team can define target candidates audiences and determine the best matches for each open role. Now, hiring managers can tailor their pitch to candidate needs and focus their efforts on the talent most likely to match current and future needs, making better use of their time and, in turn, improving retention rates. Hiring managers who deliver a better staffing strategy can build your brand – forging more valuable relationships that benefit stakeholders inside and outside your organization.

Build Trusted Relationships

Data enables new staffing strategies and brings new insights from our experience in staffing and payroll administration. However, if there is a breach, data collected to drive candidate insights can be a risk to brand equity. Candidates are increasingly aware of the risk of identity theft and cyber attacks. New regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) promise stiff penalties for companies that make a mistake. Candidates want personal experiences, but they give up their information only to trusted staffing agencies.

You must not only demonstrate transparency about what data you hold and why it is essential but also assure candidates that you treat their data with the care you apply to your own. With Premier Talent Partners office staffing solutions, you can put candidates first. Our services help you build trusted relationships with our first-party data, using security, transparency, and control to increase retention, boost brand loyalty, and improve candidate lifetime value. We’ll help you connect with your target hiring audience, build rich profiles based on trust, and drive a better staffing strategy with personalized, protecting candidate data to let you focus on your organizational strengths.