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Amazing is as amazing does.

Fiercely loyal. Infinitely passionate. Extremely dedicated. Seasoned pros. Best-in-class.

That’s how Premier peeps have been described. We happen to agree, and we think you will, too.

The only problem is: do you call Premier people co-workers, clients, recruiters, or friends? You decide.

Our People


Sara Menke


Angela Jones


Matt Ruport

Matt Ruport

Chief Operating Officer

Mary Henderson

Director of People Operations

Cheri Abrams

Accounting Manager

Ana Dengler

Benefits Manager

Kailee Bentz

Director of Marketing & Product Management

Kimberly Hallowell

Business Analytics Project Manager

Christina Lowery

Business Development Rep

Emily Dengler

Marketing Associate

Talent Teams

Naomi Engelman

VP of Growth

Alexandra Buckley

Talent Acquisition Partner

Brenda Marceline

Brenda Woodard

VP of Talent & Development | Alameda, CA

Joe Ruport

Joe Ruport

Director of Talent & Development | Sacramento, CA

Megan Myles

Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner

Melissa Wick

Talent Acquisition Partner

Pratika Sharma

Talent Acquisition Partner

Becca Cavero

Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner

Jacque Cisler

Sr. Talent Acquisition Partner

Holly Croom

Talent Acquisition Partner

Katrina Hartz

Talent Acquisition Partner/CSM Manager

Liz Zaokopny

Sr. Candidate Success Manager | Sacramento, CA