Preparing Your Job Search for 2022

What’s on your mind as you head into the new year? If you’re like many other job seekers, your renewed goals are still being solidified. There are many ways to approach goal setting when it comes to our career or role, but they all start the same way: taking stock of what is not working for you and figuring out what you want.

Consider asking yourself questions like these:

● Where do you see yourself in your career in the coming year?● If you have a job now, what do you love about it?● What do you wish you could change?● What’s most important to you in a role/your career?

Here are 7 themes we’ve been hearing from job seekers in this market:

1. A career change. Because of the labor shortage, many companies are willing to hire based on soft skills and fit and then train employees in new roles. If you’re thinking about a career change, now is a great time to explore new options.2. Variety. The gig economy is growing, and job seekers are discovering the benefits of short-term contract labor. Gig workers enjoy more flexibility and variety in their assignments, an attractive benefit to many job seekers.3. A job that matches their skills. Doing what you are meant to do feels good, and many workers are looking for a role in which their skills and experience will help them attain career success.4. Better benefits. During the pandemic, many workers learned the value of a good benefits package and prioritized job perks and benefits in their job search.5. More flexibility. Work-life balance has become a significant factor in job satisfaction among workers. Flexible scheduling and paid time off rank among top priorities for job seekers.6. Remote work. The world is opening back up, but remote work is here to stay. Many companies are choosing to offer employees remote work options to make jobs more attractive to them.7. Advancement opportunities. Millennial and Gen X workers consider a clear career path in a company to be one of the most important factors in a job search.

Premier Talent Partners can help you find a new job that checks all your goal-setting boxes.

Our unbiased algorithm prioritizes experience and skills to match you with your perfect fit. Or—if you’re looking for a job where you can grow, we know how to find those career opportunities, too. Whether you’re seeking variety with short-term contract work, want to try on a career change with contract-to-hire opportunities, or are looking for great benefits in a long-term role, lean on us to find the job for you.Start 2022 off on the right foot.Contact Premier Talent Partners today!

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