Office Staffing Isn’t Always Straightforward. Here’s Why.

Your success as a hiring manager and a business is directly linked to your ability to hire great people. But today, being a rock-star talent professional means you have to go beyond traditional staffing tactics like posting a job and praying that your purple unicorn will be coming knocking on your door. So, how do you modernize your recruiting strategy to find more qualified candidates with less time and effort?

That’s where Premier Talent Partners comes in.

We work behind the scenes – using the data from candidates’ skill set and work history to find the best matches for your open job. We deliver you the candidate you’ve been waiting for.

Our Recruiting How-Tos ebook uncovers some simple but clever ways to attract and narrow in on your perfect candidate.

Why Premier Talent Partners?

Premier Talent Partners is where bay area employers and job seekers come to connect with talent, stay informed, and get hired. We’ve been innovating since 1998, and we look forward to hearing about your growing teams.

Focusing on Diverse Recruiting Practices

We offer a suite of services that help you make sense of innovative, diverse hiring for office teams. We can support you in finding the candidates you need, building and maintaining relationships, and converting those relationships into long-lasting hires.

Forecasting for Tomorrow’s Talent Needs

Profession and industry match are the top characteristics job seekers look for in new opportunities, which means the selection of a staffing agency is the first thing hiring managers to seek out during their candidate search. The initial step is to make sure you have an ideal profile that includes a position title, specific location, industry targets, and highlighted experience and detailed functional requirements.

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