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One of the challenges facing Premier Talent Partners and other staffing organizations is designing partnerships that endure, which includes mitigating risk related to retention/turnover. This is especially tricky due to the broad-based and diverse nature of our talent pool.Increase ApplicantsSome liken agencies and candidates to seeing the forest from the trees. Seen as a whole from a distance, they takes a much clearer shape. From there, you can choose how to find, filter, and fit the best, and from there begin to scan each tree individually.  It’s when you take it down to its branches that it gets very difficult. Those branches include domain knowledge, peer-to-peer interactions, and industry knowledge.Drive Hiring with DataIn the past few years, suddenly a huge number of candidates have become available, coupled with the huge improvement in skill assessments and retention capabilities to maximize the cost of onboarding. So we have data, and we are able to analyze it in a timely fashion. And the staffing industry happens to be the most important industry and the most data-rich industry.Another strength is the proven track record of creating cutting-edge, interdisciplinary teams that correspond to marketing, operations, and more. Not every company uses Premier Talent Partners as their sole staffing partner, some give us the positions they are unable to hire with internal referrals, or for wildcard positions outside of their existing database. Enter New Markets To prepare Premier Talent Partners candidates for the hot jobs created by Bay Area companies, being able to double down on the unique strengths of each team member—giving them the tools and ability to work with massive impact and leveraging the new technologies and new companies that are popping up.With the most recent service line launched by Premier Talent Partners, Payroll Services, we’ve created a crucial resource in San Francisco. Additionally, opening up our fifth office reduced the reach to Boston and Washington, D.C., further markets ripe for expansion. Find Your IdealsWe’ve found that, when we talk about a career in technology, people immediately think you have to be a developer or a systems engineer or have a technology background. With a background in sales and business development, our candidates learn the technology industry topics, trends, and related skill sets they need on the job. In a way, we’re building the ideal first step in anyone’s corporate career. While some entry-level positions may seem introductory or elementary, and you’ll have to work your way up, there’s a lot of value in understanding the fundamentals.

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