Follow These Goal Setting Tips to Make 2022 Your Year

A new year brings a fresh start, both personally and professionally. Get a jump start on 2022, and begin thinking about what you want to accomplish in the coming year. New job? New skills? New promotion? No matter what goals you have, one thing is sure: if you get clear on your objectives, you’re more likely to achieve them.

Here are some career goal setting tips for 2022:

Review Your Year

Take inventory of career accomplishments in 2021. Identify significant tasks you completed, skills you learned, and goals you reached. What stands out? What did you miss? Is there anything on the list that you still have time to tackle? Make sure you consider the soft skills you’ve gained during the pandemic that make you a better job candidate. Soft skills include resilience, interpersonal communication, discipline, time management, and many others.  

Update Your Networks

Use the information from your year-end review to update your resume and write a new cover letter highlighting your skills, experience, and strengths. While you’re at it, update your social media profiles (including LinkedIn) to make sure they reflect your current career situation. You never know when a contact in your network might provide a great new opportunity. Be sure to add all of the contacts you’ve made this year, too.

Create a Vision Statement

Write a one-line vision statement for your career and evaluate whether you are on track to achieve it. Then make a list of goals for 2022 that will help you achieve your career vision. Create a list of smaller touchpoints and milestones for each goal. Breaking your plan down into manageable chunks will make it easier to put into action. Resolve to revisit your vision statement, goals, and milestones at frequent intervals to chart your progress and course-correct if necessary. If you do, you’ll be high-fiving yourself this time next year! And remember, goals work best when they are SMART:  

  • Specific. Make your goal concrete and narrow for easy planning.
  • Measurable. Know what metrics you will use to measure progress.
  • Attainable. Make sure you can achieve your goal.
  • Relevant. Align your goal with your career objective.
  • Timely. Give yourself a deadline to encourage progress.

Build Your Team

No candidate is an island. If you plan on making big moves in your career in 2022, create a team of trusted friends and colleagues to help guide your path. Ask them for honest feedback on your skills assessment. It’s possible that those who know you will be able to make valuable suggestions to improve your skills and marketability.

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