Our Commitment to Veterans

We recognize and value that Veterans possess unique, transferable skills that make them such strong and versatile candidates. Whether you are freshly transitioning into the civilian workforce, or a long-time Veteran, our goal is to help you navigate through your job search and provide you equal access to our work opportunities and resources. Our intention is to leverage and promote your military experience as part of our equitable hiring commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

Our Commitment to Military Spouses

We understand the challenges military spouses face in developing their careers while supporting their significant others. Our intention is to advocate for military spouses and connect them with remote and flexible opportunities suitable for their ever-changing lifestyles.


Ajna is our secret sauce. We’ve channeled 20+ years of industry knowledge and expertise into developing our own revolutionary hiring platform, free of bias, with total transparency, and accessibility. Ajna's equitable hiring algorithm prioritizes experience and skills matching you with your perfect fit. Ajna reduces the impact of implicit bias by anonymously amplifying the focus on job seeker qualifications.

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Hiring Military Spouses

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