How to Write an Effective Professional Resume

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Resumes are still the number one tool to help you connect with a recruiter or an employer. A well-written resume can get you the interview. It’s the groundwork you need to lay to eventually make it to the job offer. So, what will you need in 2022 to set yourself apart? We have recommendations that you may not have considered, plus some extra tips on how Premier can help you ditch your resume.


Writing the Perfect Resume in 2022

Resumes are both art and science. The art encompasses the layout and font you choose. The science comes down to what words you’ll use to represent yourself to employers. Format and content are equally important. But to create the perfect professional resume, we suggest you reverse engineer it by starting with the job you’re applying for.


Showing That You’re the Right Fit

Your resume goal should be to tailor it to fit what the employer is looking for. You can do this by perusing keywords and phrases from the job description you’re applying to. That same type of language should show up in your resume if you want to get the interview. Tailoring your resume to fit the job increases the chances that you’ll get the interview. Why? Because the recruiter will search for those very keywords in their applicant tracking system (ATS), where your resume is stored. You want to ensure your resume pops up when that search happens.

In addition to using keywords, consider your application from the employer’s point of view. What does the company want to know about you? What professional experience will be most important to them? That’s what you want to highlight for each job you have been in. Recruiters have very little time to spend going over your resume, so make it as easy as possible to show them you are the right match.


Formatting For Success

While focusing on what’s relevant to the employer is important for getting noticed, you may not be able to leave all of the details of your skills in the document. Stick with the information that is relevant and timely to the job you’re applying to. Change the order of your job experiences to match the job description. Use bullets for easy reading and pepper keywords from the job ad into your document. Avoid personal pronouns like “I” or “me” and stick to the third person throughout.

Also, note the terminology of the industry you’re applying to. Understand the jargon and terms used and then use those in your cover letter and resume. We also recommend:

  • Creating a document that communicates clearly and is clean and easy to read.
  • Don’t gunk it up with fancy geometric designs or your picture or even a unicorn (we’ve seen this). Go for a simple design with a simple font like Arial. Don’t underestimate the power of leaving blank “white space” in your document.
  • While there’s debate on this, we are confirming that yes, you must keep your resume succinct and on one page. Unless you have 20 years of experience, there is simply no reason to run long.

Sometimes though, even after using every tip in the book, spending hours on unique resumes for each employer can feel like a dead end. While we suggest these tips when applying to most jobs, Premier Talent Partners also offers a unique job search experience with our software tool: Ajna.

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