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Your most important decision in Business Operations Temp, Contract-to-Hire, and Permanent Placement staffing is if you have the operational capability to withstand new hire onboarding. Contracts with Operations professionals can last several years, and you need to be able to ensure productivity levels do not dip during major transitions. While you work with a staffing company to meet and exceed your strategic initiatives, there may be additional opportunities to transition to payrolling to allow your staff to tend to other more vital business goals.

Your employees are your most vital asset to maintain existing systems, processes and workflows. Inefficiencies in your staffing strategy may suppress your growth trajectory and could put your business at risk.

Characteristics of a Temp Business Operations Contractor

The bulk of your work in the search for a contract Business Operations professional should focus around identifying success characteristics, a healthy mindset, and a cultural match with your existing team.

Characteristics to Consider – Your most valuable assets are driven and don’t blink at the trivial tasks they’ll be required to perform. You will need to seek out operations candidates that have the ability to be coached, interested in their work, and a strong sense of ethics and integrity. Business Operations staff may juggle a high-performance mindset coupled with tenured experience and potentially previous promotions within the field.

Does the Candidate have a Healthy Mindset? – Years of experience must be aligned with a mental focus to stay driven towards the goal, unphased by any menial tasks. The best option might be to connect with a staffing company to evoke some of these characteristics you would like in operations candidates. You will want to consider their belief system and how they assess performance. Beyond that, they will need to control their schedule, which in itself may disqualify a majority of the initial candidates you consider.

Don’t Discount Culture – Ideal candidates that don’t work out may often consider the lack of connection to the culture that must exist to drive operational performance beyond any professional metric. The time is running out, and you can’t pretend that everyone you bring on will automatically be compatible with your existing team. For most operations candidates, it’s understood that the most desirable candidates have a strong tendency towards action, which may be overlooked during the initial phases of candidate selection and onboarding.

If your company is considering onboarding a Business Operations professional with the assistance of a staffing agency, you’ll want to bear in mind some of the traits that will assist in rating candidates:

  • Capabilities
  • Industry Match
  • Team Integration
  • Autonomy

When it comes time to make hiring decisions, the most important considerations to take into account will boil down to an assessment of the resources you may be bringing in to support you and your staff.

Technical Capabilities of Potential Operations Talent

Of course, you would like to provide all training necessary to bring an operations contractor up to par with your needs. Alongside your staffing firm, design the exact initiatives that candidates will be accountable and responsible for through the duration of the contract. Make sure 100% of your leadership provides buy-in as this will benefit the chosen candidate by having a dedicated support system to encourage performance.

Industry or Current Market Focus

Your business model matters. A shortlist of relevant terms that qualify candidates is one way to ensure you can easily prioritize. Integrity is an example of a phrase that demonstrates values yet lacks in substantive qualities that would make it easier to pass on a candidate or extend an offer.

Size and Silos of Existing Staff

Coworkers are undervalued. Work with your staffing agency to compile a plan to integrate your new hire and communication systems such as weekly meetings, ongoing reports, and orientation that includes important roles that will be interacting with your Business Operations hire.

Level of Direct Oversight Required

You can’t micromanage, though you may want to during the initial phases of contracting. Build trust to encourage staff to take their role upon themselves. This will lead to conversations involving the location of their office (or remote desk). Even designing a long-term path for your candidate’s careers will instill an internal drive. Celebrating successes and ongoing support will sustain over average levels of engagement in your contract staff.

Constructing a staffing strategy for finding and hiring Business Operations professionals through a staffing firm will lead to a host of ancillary benefits. Your employees should be interested in the potential for an enthusiastic individual to quickly transition. Temporary, Contract-to-Hire and Permanent placement candidates can advocate for your organization and will understandably go beyond those base expectations laid out during your initial interview.

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